Still At It…

We’re working to get everything up tonight, and a lot of pieces are already available. I’ve been battling a pretty rough cold/sinus infection this week, which has made things move a bit slower than expected. What isn’t up tonight will be available tomorrow, so stay tuned! Thanks to everyone for your patience! xo Sophia

More To Come!

Things just keep getting crazier around here–we can’t seem to crank out enough vintage fast enough! Our apologies to all of you who are seeing a lot of unavailable items right now–we’ll be clearing those out over the next couple of days as we make room for the amazing pieces below. Take a peek! xx

Preview In Full Effect!

We are gearing up for our first big update since the store sold out just after our initial launch. Each of these pieces is vintage and one-of-a-kind, ladies…so once things sell out they are gone for good! We have another big shoot tomorrow and will have that preview up soon after. Expect to see these

A Primer In Vintage Clothing

We have had a huge number of emails from customers, asking if we will do re-orders on our vintage pieces or will be getting other sizes, etc. To clarify, we sell mostly pre-worn vintage pieces, straight out of ’68, ’76, or ’88–and all years in between. These are not Anthropologie-esque knockoffs or items that are

Sold Out? Fret Not!

We are experiencing some serious growing pains! The site launched five days ago to be exact, and we’ve already sold out of almost every vintage piece in the shop. Thank you to any and all of you who have visited the site or shopped so far, as we are so very grateful to to have

There…But Almost!

Wow, what an intense week this has been. We must run to attend our very own launch party tonight, but will be back in the office bright and early adding more of the “COMING SOON!” items to the store with complete descriptions and measurements. There are tons of amazing dresses in the store now, so