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Thursday, July 17, 2008 Right Now: Dusty Pages, Falling Hemlines.

They say that hemlines rise and fall according to the state of the economy–and if the fall runways are any indication of this, we’ll be in a state of crisis come January. You can look to any current fashion magazine to confirm that hemlines are dropping, so I won’t go on long about this.

Take a peek:

As much as we love modern fashion over here at NASTY GAL, it’s vintage inspiration that keeps our hearts thumping: reinventing the past within a modern context is the name of the game.

I managed to hunt down this rare gem of a magazine that covered not only one of my favorite subjects, Charlie Manson and his faithful following (more on that later), but something much more blog-worthy: 1970s fashion. Hemlines were falling back in late summer 1970, and this copy of LIFE magazine covers the event in full.

Midi hemlines aren’t for everyone. Sure, I’ll go knee length. I’ll even go floor length! But somewhere in between? How…matronly. If my gams were twigs in demand of 35″ inseams, I’d consider it, but I’ve inherited an unfortunate Mediterranean gene of cankles. Maybe with boots?

A butt-grazingly gorgeous Emilio Pucci mini dress is reconsidered:

Hunky Rock Hudson surrounded by midiskirted starlets:

And an obligatory shot of the Manson spread, written while he was on trial:

According to the LIFE story, sales in jumpsuits and denim went through the roof when the hemlines dropped, as young women of the era took “evasive action” by dumping dresses and skirts altogether. We’ll see if the gals of 2008 do the same. Any thoughts?


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Wednesday, July 16, 2008 Newsflash: D-D-Dresses!

We shot off around 30 dresses today, and will be shooting even more tomorrow!  Expect to see these in the store later this week, with more arrivals next week also.

A few of our favorites:

Features And Shoots > Newsflash > D-D-Dresses!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008 Newsflash: Preview: Shoes + Belts!

We are working around the clock to shoot and ship as much this week as humanly possible! Please bear with us, as we’re still a small operation and things are moving quicker than we can handle! Fortunately, we’re very good about getting items shipped off promptly, and even snapped a glorious shot of today’s outbound packages for your (well, maybe our) amusement:

We also shot off about a dozen pairs of vintage shoes, mostly woven leather oxfords and sandals, as well as a couple pairs of boots. Take a peek!

As well as some amazing unworn vintage belts:

Expect to see these pieces in the store later this week, along with a fabulous batch of vintage dresses and more!


Features And Shoots > Newsflash > Preview: Shoes + Belts!

Monday, July 14, 2008 Newsflash: Keeping Up

Things are INSANE here at the NGV Headquarters, with tons of orders to ship and even more vintage pieces to shoot! We will have more amazing vintage dresses, coats, boots, and more in the shop by the end of this week, and are getting more organized in hopes of bringing more fresh arrivals as often as possible! Keep an eye on the blog for another preview, and another on your inbox for a notification of when the next batch hits the store.

PS: We updated the About Us and Press pages…finally!



Wednesday, July 9, 2008 Newsflash: Coming Up: ROJAS!

We are so very excited to soon be featuring our very first line of new clothing! Say hello to Rojas: a Los Angeles based brand specializing in 80s-inspired silhouettes and fabulous prints. More fall pieces will be arriving soon from Rojas and others, so stay tuned!

Expect to see these pieces in the store later this week, along with another big vintage update.

The Baby Collar Cloud Dress in Triangular Linen!

The Racerback Dress in Splatter Dotted Modal!

The Super Mini Lucy Dress in Confetti – A NASTY GAL online exclusive!

The “What Up” Jacket!

Features And Shoots > Newsflash > Coming Up: ROJAS!
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