How We Do It

One of the best things about our work is getting to play dress-up pretty much all the time. Sometimes our shoots for the store are more rushed than we’d prefer, since shooting each vintage piece individually can be extremely time consuming. We were thrilled when our most recent editorial shoot rolled around, and three beautiful/creative

New York, New York!

I’m jet-setting off to NYC for most of next week, but fret not! We’ll be adding a small batch of great vintage dresses to the shop on Monday, and you’ll still receive the usual lightning-fast shipping and great customer service you’ve come to expect around here. We’ll soon be stepping things up a good notch,

In The Fold

Origami folds/pleating is one of our favorite 80s revival trends in recent years. The original vintage pieces we’ve come across range from hideously overdone to sophisticated chic — and everywhere in between. We’ll be incorporating the best of these pieces into our Winter collection here in the shop, and have been saving up the best

Frizzle Frazzle

During one of our recent late night SF-NYC telephone calls, Jauretsi and I got on the topic of the colorful 80s sweaters that we (obviously) can’t get enough of right now. The nail was hit squarely on the head when I blurted out “Cosby Sweater”… It’s a thing. Erin Wasson does it. We’re busting out

This Is Serious.

Sixty incredible stylish vintage pieces will be added to the shop this coming Thursday evening (that’s tomorrow)! Take a peek at the massive preview below, and pencil in some serious shopping. This is a batch worth staying in for… xx NASTY GAL (yes, it says HAGGARD…)! (YSL)