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Saturday, June 27, 2009 Newsflash: Accessory Overload!

It’s summertime. That means heat, and undoubtedly lots of skin. We’ve just brought on a pretty amazing batch of new accessories to help you adorn that skin. From amethyst stones to studs and tigers, we’ve got you covered. Take a peek at our latest arrivals!


Amethyst Chain Bracelet


Studded Crystal Belt in Grey


Studded Leather Cuff


Zipper Bangle in Gold


Tiger Eyes Bangle


Metal Industry Ring


Fringe Dweller Scarf by MINKPINK


Chain Gang Necklace

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Friday, June 26, 2009 Nasty Gals In The Wild: Lucrecia of Fashion is Poison


Name: Lucrecia
Age: 25
Occupation: On a hiatus right now but I work at a non profit law office :)
Pet’s name: Daryl Lau (yes…he has a last name!)

Favorite thing about vintage clothes? I love recycling! I also always wonder who wore the item…where to, and how they styled it. Green is the new black. I love not feeling guilty about my shoes when my ensemble came from a vintage store.

Are you a shoe or a bag girl? Can I be both? I can’t pick! Between the two though, I have to go with shoes.
Your single absolute favorite vintage item, that you could not live without? Ohhh man this is hard to answer! I love every piece of vintage I own. I’ll have to say though, I have this suit by Christian Dior that I absolutely adore, it’s got the whole military button thing going on. I’ve worn the set several times to work and always got compliments on it. One time I decided to be bold and wear the suit as a dress with opaque tights to a party in LA after work (because I was ill-prepared!), it turned out to be one of my favorite night time outfits <3 The suit is now my go-to piece for winter parties when I’m all out of ideas as to what to wear. Too bad it’s made of wool or I’d wear it so much more.

What color nailpolish are you wearing? Sally Hansen’s “Innocent Nude”.

Favorite fashion era and why? A mix between the 50′s for the full skirts and the 80′s for the bold prints and puffy shoulders. I’m really into volume and prints right now!

Why do YOU think we’re called Nasty Gal vintage?! Oooh good one at getting my mind boggled! I’ll have to be honest and tell yah…I have NO clue! Why are you?!
Trend you love? Trend you hate? I love that the 80′s are back! Puffy shoulders, crazy bold prints, and crop tees. There isn’t anything I hate…generally if it doesn’t catch my eye, I don’t look for it- I focus and search for things that I like :D

What’s next on your wishlist? Chloe Sevegny for Opening Ceremony Buckle Boots! They are TDF and I can’t wait for them to come out!

What does every girl need in her wardrobe? A good pair of shoes ;)

Best dressed celeb? I don’t really follow celebs (hello, it can be depressing…) the Olsen twins have been my favorite since the Michelle Tanner days though ;)

Guilty pleasure? Kit-kat in one hand + strawberries in the other = strawberry covered chocolate!

Best show on tv? Gossip Girl for the juicy drama and fun fashion.

Have you spent time in SF? Any favorite places to visit? I have…but I’m always in such a rush every time I go. I love going to Haight Street to shop and Chinatown for food. This reminds me…I need to plan a trip back to SF soon.

So tell us a little about the boyfriend. He should make more appearances on the blog! Aw I told him you asked about him and he blushed. He’s the most amazing and intelligent person I’ve ever met. He’s seriously super man- goes to school full time, takes extremely good care of our dog (grooming, diet, exercise), cooks for us sometimes and takes care of me. I am really lucky to have met him :) He’s my go-to person for all sorts of technical issues with electronics. He’s a really modest and simple guy- I appreciate that a lot! I will definitely ask him to make an appearance soon.

Fashion rule you live by/ Your fashion philosophy? Have fun and don’t take it too seriously! Do and wear what you love- there is no right or wrong. Don’t read magazines, the 6 ft tall models draped in bling and designer clothing will only make you feel crappy.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009 Right Now: Burning Up


There’s a new color floating around the fashion sphere and its one I feel has been neglected for far too long. Orange! Well not just any orange, more specifically burnt orange! While I generally associate this shade of orange with autumn colors, I have to say it’s a nice change from the normal summer colors we usually see. Not to say that I’m getting tired of the bright and cheery summer colors. In fact when worn the right way, I’m finding the shade to be pretty bright and cheery in itself! For his resort collection Jason Wu used the shade as an accent to give a simple outfit some edge. Both Mary-Kate Olsen and Diane Kruger sported the hue at the CFDA’s. (They were both on the best dressed list too!) If you’re apprehensive about the color, try OPI’s “On the Same Paige” and give it a test drive. As someone who generally wears black during all seasons I think this orange might just have what it takes to turn me onto color. Maybe…

xo Nancy

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009 Right Now: Outfit Inspiration

geraldine saglio

It’s finally starting to get sunny here in the Bay Area and after a month of dissappointing gloomy weather, I’m finding it very refreshing to say the least. While browsing through some of the summer archives on The Sartorialist I grew more and more excited to start giving my summer wardrobe a little more attention. I’ve honestly been sporting jeans and hoodies for the past few weeks! For me, this picture taken by Scott Schuman of Geraldine Saglio is a perfect representation of how I’d like to dress this summer. With a comfortable dress, gladiator sandals, and simple accents you really can’t go wrong!

xo Nancy

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Thursday, June 18, 2009 Right Now: Jimmy Choo x H&M


News is out and I coudn’t be more excited about the announcement that Jimmy Choo will be the next fashion label to collaborate for H&M. As most of you know, the British label primarily focuses on bags, accessories, and shoes… oh the shoes! This will also mark H&M’s first collaborations with a shoes/ accessories brand and while I’m extremely excited I’m really not quite sure what to expect. I assume that the shoes will be fabulous but what I’m really looking forward to seeing are the accessories. As an avid shopper at H&M one thing that has always underwhelmed me is their bag and jewelry selection. Not that I’m expecting high end quality pieces but I do feel that their designs could use a bit of a jolt. Hopefully when the collaboration finally comes out in November (so far away!) we’ll see some unique and wearable pieces. All without the original Jimmy Choo price tag of course!

xo Nancy


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