Several weeks back I met up with Annabel of Blushing Ambition for a quick lunch and snapped a few portraits on the street. I’m so excited to get back into shooting film! I guess shooting several days a week for the business burned me out, but since we now have an amazing staff photographer, I

Conjunction Junction, What’s Your Funktion?

Caged In Dress Stud Pocket Backless Tee Oxford Cutout Shirtdress Laced Leather Bondage Skirt Caged Silk Layer Dress Gotham Lantern Skirt Bladerunner Sequin Shoulder Dress Still swamped here, and proving to be the worst blogger ever. Sorry guys! I did want to post a preview of some of the utterly mind-blowing pieces from my new

Meet Alli

Alli is our latest addition to our ever-growing team of Nasty Gals! A Southern girl with hints of twang peeking through her Californian accent, she’s sweet as apple pie. xx Sophia

Hey Ma, I’m On TV!

I can’t explain how surreal it was to see our vintage on The Today Show this morning. Many have asked, and yes — the top is vintage (meaning we have only one) and ┬áis not available for purchase quite yet. We’ll have it in the store shortly, though, I promise. Click the image above to

Moving And Shaking

Just got the final word today that…we’re moving! Again, I know. We’ve been in our current Berkeley location for only 8 months and it’s now filled to the brim with vintage, desks, and ideas. Above is a photo of our much larger (and much quieter) new space in Emeryville. I’m looking forward to repainting that