Show Us Your Red, White + Blues

(Stardust & Sequins, Whether you use the 4th as an excuse to channel Kelly Bundy or Marilyn Monroe, there’s only one rule to live by: GO ALL OUT. And here are some of the tools you need to fuel your new-found Patriotic side: (Clockwise from left: Midnight Cowboy Button-Down, Starry Eyed Dress, Ahoy Crop

Fashion Squad Gets Nasty!

This past Friday, we were lucky enough to have our favorite Swedish style blogger Carolina Engman of Fashion Squad stop by Nasty Gal HQ to model some brand new vintage finds. Since she’s in San Francisco for the summer to soak up the California sun with her boyfriend/Bloglovin’ founder (talk about a power couple!), we

MSNBC Gets Nasty

I had the pleasure of meeting with MSNBC recently to be interviewed for one of my favorite shows, Your Business. Boorrrring, I know — but while fashion is a ton of fun, running a business is a challenge of near-biblical proportions. I didn’t study business, and until I started selling vintage on eBay years ago,

One Stop For Aggy

There’s no doubt we could all stand to learn a thing or two from the eternally hip model-slash-whatever the hell she feels like being Agyness Deyn. That’s why we’re beyond thrilled that the much-abuzzed online fashion mag NAAG finally launched! A delicious mix of fashion, beauty, music and things she and co-founder/confidant Fiona Byrne dig

In The Mood

Yes that’s right, mood nail polish for only $8 a pop in ice cream and electric-hued colors! Could this be the revival of mood-changing accessories?? (We secretly hope so.) xx

Hiroko Matsumoto

(Cat Party, Google search) We want to shower Cat Party in confetti, cupcakes and cat stickers for opening our eyes to one of the most perfect creatures we’ve ever laid eyes on, Hiroko Matsumoto. Credited as the first Japanese model to show in Paris in 1960 and muse to Pierre Cardin, Hiroko made everything from

You Spin Me Right Round…

(Ana Locking A/W 10-11 via Style Bubble, Google search x2 Damien Hirst) After peeping Ana Locking‘s A/W ‘Spinning Destiny’ runway show with what appears to be a giant paint-splattered paper plate serving as a backdrop, we found ourselves totally nostalgic for one of our favorite childhood activities, spin art. Though Damien Hirst’s famous spin art

Lacy Neutrals

Though we’ve had our eye on Sterling Style blogger Taylor Price for some time now, it was her impeccable mix of feminine lace with neturals, socks and towering wooden platforms that really got us swooning. Whether she opts for a boyfriend blazer or a giant Carrie-esque flower pin before walking out the door, Taylor definitely

Shine On…

(unknown, Little Plastic Horses) It started quietly, with a $2.80 bottle of gold-flecked nail polish at Forever 21. After one coat, I was hooked and now am fully prepared to trade in my matte lipstick for one with a little (or a lot of) shimmer for the sun-soaked months. But it doesn’t end there, oh