Stacey Nishimoto + Eliot Lee Hazel

There’s nothing better than two creative minds joining forces to produce amazing things together. That’s why we’re so excited to share this collaboration from our stylist extraordinaire, Stacey Nishimoto and L.A based photographer, Eliot Lee Hazel. This dream team shares a mutual admiration for the likes of Guy Bourdin, David Hamilton and Deborah Turbeville, and more importantly, give each other the freedom to fulfill their own creative needs. The results are beautiful images that sometimes tell personal stories or simply invite you to dream a little dream. We asked Stacey to give us a glimpse into her thoughts and inspiration behind each editorial.

It’s (Almost) Here!

We’re thrilled to announce our brand new Chit Chat feature, yaay! We hope you’re as excited as we are, as we give you a chance to join a live chat with one of our experts, cool cats, or heroines. Join us this Friday at 10 a.m. PST when we lift off with our star stylist Ashley Glorioso, who might just share all of her fashion secrets with you. To properly introduce this glorious gal, here are five important facts about Ashley:

Sean Penn

Sean Penn has always been a babe. From ’80s cult film Fast Times At Ridgemont High to revolutionary Milk and tons of other movies, he not only proves to be an amazingly talented actor, but also a great producer, writer and director. Seriously, we’re not sure there’s anything he can’t do. And we can’t help but love that he’s still a borderline bad boy with an incredible track record of broken hearts, including Madonna, Scarlett Johansson and his ex-wife Robin Wright. Sean, we’ll always have a crush on you…

Sofia Coppola

There’s no denying that Sofia has an amazing eye for beautiful things, with films like The Virgin Suicides and Marie Antoinette under her belt. But it’s her masculine-feminine style and to-die-for mane that we’ve looked to for inspiration since the Nineties.

Chrishell Stubbs Is The Girl Of Our Dreams

We always get giddy when we find out Chrishell is coming back to the studio and, I mean, can you blame us? She’s one of the most stunning girls we’ve ever seen…and just as sweet. No, really. Originally from Turks & Caicos, she landed her first modeling gig when she was six, then promptly bought a sweet life-sized Tweety Bird backpack to celebrate.

Party Time, Excellent!

We just got back from an non-stop romp around the desert, so now it’s time to switch gears and get psyched for our poolside relaunch party this Wednesday. It’s a rough life, but somebody’s gotta do it. Anywho, Nick rounded up a taste of what you have to look forward to!

Workin’ Hard Or…

In between playing dress up with the models, snapping photos, dreaming up our next lookbook, and hitting the road to find the perfect spot to shoot it, the studio team always finds time to goof off and take sweet shots of the crew. The rest is history.

Olivia Lopez of Lust for Life

Olivia Lopez wears a lot of hats for someone who still manages to have such amazing hair. Not only does she have one of our favorite style blogs, she’s also an International Business student, runs an online vintage shop, and does freelance styling, buying and modeling in her “spare” time.

So obviously, we were stoked to catch up with her to get the skinny on everything from her biggest influences to the wild world of blogging.

Sun Daze

Whether you’re beach or festival bound, get ready for some fun in the sun with vintage-inspired crochet, floaty dresses, perfectly distressed cutoffs, and other amazing sun-soaked looks from some of our favorite bloggers.