We Love Girls On Film

Call us old school, but we’d rather shoot with film over digital any day. That’s why we were completely smitten as soon as we heard about Girls on Film, a killer photography zine that features portraits of cool girls, all shot with film cameras.

The Bang Over

After two weeks solid of travel, I’d spent enough time in mirror-covered hotel rooms to drive myself insane. First day back and sorely jet-lagged, I dragged myself into Goodform to see the magical Rebecca to help me concoct a way to cover at least half of my face. Now it’s onto the never-ending debate: do

Rose Bowl Flea Market

On the Second Sunday of every month, you’ll usually find us (and every other vintage-crazed girl) at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena. Of course, one of our favorite things about the Rose Bowl is getting to spot some of the coolest street style in LA. We always end up snapping a ton of

Nick, Our Assistant Stylist’s Fave Tunes

The studio is always blasting music and dancing around during photo shoots, playing everything from nostalgic ’90s jams to the most obscure band you’ve never heard of. We usually find ourselves asking what they’re listening to, so we wanted to share the goodness. Here’s what our assistant stylist, Nick, currently has on repeat.

A Few Of Alice Point’s Favorite Things

Ever since stumbling upon Alice Point, we’ve been totally hooked on the Polish blogger’s supremely cool style. Influenced by ’90s fashion, Brick Lane, and people watching on the tram, her outfits are always fun and super inspiring. That’s why we asked her to hit the streets, armed with a camera and amazing platforms, to give us