How To Rock Socks

Not a day goes by where we don’t see a parade of color peeking out of boots and platforms here at Nasty Gal HQ. It’s an awesome way to freshen up your shoe closet with minimal funds. That being said, it can definitely be tricky to find the right balance! So, how do you rock heels and socks without looking too cutesy? Is it ever okay to wear socks with peep-toes? We asked our stylist Ashley to put an end to the eternal debate.

Kiss And Tell

Inspired by all of the bold hues and crazy prints we can’t get enough of lately, we wanted to add a splash of color into our latest how-to. This week, we’re going to show you three takes on the perfect post-make-out pout.

You know the moment when your lipstick starts to fade from the outer edges of your lips, leaving a flush of color in the center? That’s what we’re going for. It looks fresh and effortless, and it’s a great way to give the Lolita red  a night off and play around with bright and dark shades that we usually shy away from. So, without further ado…

Models With Ink

Whether covered with words of wisdom, swirly sketches or nostalgic stickers, these model set cards and Polaroids are just too cool. Not only do they show off the drawing skills and personality of each model, but also inspire us to start doodling on everything in sight.

Curtis Kulig, The ‘Love Me’ Dude

We’re sure you’ve seen LOVE ME scribbled all over the streets of NYC and LA, or maybe just your Tumblr feed. In case you’re curious about the mastermind behind the sweet request, we have the answer.

Meet Curtis Kulig, a guy who likes to get his hands dirty. From creating iconic graffiti and stickers to photography, painting and designing skateboards, he’s done it all…and is just getting started. We caught up with the East Coast artist to chat about everything from his favorite LA haunts to how he got into making the things we love.

Under Cover

Now that we’re officially in that weird phase between spring and summer, we always tend to get as indecisive as the weather when getting dressed. Luckily, lightweight blazers, jackets and vests are here to the rescue to let you show a little skin without freezing your a** off.

Ioanna Gika of IO Echo

IO Echo is a genre-defying LA band that combine electronic pop and dark new wave with Japanese koto harps and Chinese violins. They’re all about romance and doom, euphoria and melancholia, and pastel kimonos with biker boots.

With a killer sense of fashion and a fearless attitude, singer Ioanna Gika has Nasty Gal written all over her. We had the chance to steal Ioanna from the studio to tell us about her upcoming album, the score IO Echo wrote for the James Franco/Harmony Korine film project, “Rebel,” and her original song for the upcoming film, Snow White and the Huntsman.

Tangerine Dream

Every year, Pantone comes down from their Helvetica-Bertoia-Lomo cloud to tell us design plebes the color of the year. 2012’s is Tangerine (!). Since I’ve already stocked my closet with the citrusy hue, I thought it was only fitting to cook up an elixir using the real thing. My Tangerine Syrup is really sweet and refreshing mixed with seltzer water. I even muddled in a little sage (what a weirdo, right?), which was surprisingly delicious and a little savory.

Dream On

Today’s playlist has it all – dreamy lyrics, cool beats and magical sounds. It’s a mix of my favorite songs combined with my latest band discoveries and fixations. From New Wave to indie rock, heavy tribal drums and sweet Japanese harps, this soundtrack will take you on a trip you’ll never forget.