Wild Child

With summer days fading fast, it’s time for one last fling with crochet, cutoffs and other summer favorites topped with loose knits, slick leather, and untamed faux fur.ย See what’s new!

Things We Love Today

1. Being a girl in the world 2. Everything about this jacket 3. Stumbling upon art on the street 4. (Almost) all black everything 5. Holy sh*t 6. Seeing the world through Andy’s eyes 7. BFFs 8. Yes. 9. Spin art 10. F*ck yeah, it’s Friday

Meet Our Assistant Designer, Dee!

Our next Chit Chat LIVE! is coming up this Friday from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. PST with our Assistant Apparel Designer, Dee! A true OG Nasty Gal, she started out as one of our very first models and now spends her days designing the coolest clothes we can dream up. So while she’s gettingย ready to talk