Meet Our Assistant Designer, Dee!

Our next Chit Chat LIVE! is coming up this Friday from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. PST with our Assistant Apparel Designer, Dee! A true OG Nasty Gal, she started out as one of our very first models and now spends her days designing the coolest clothes we can dream up. So while she’s getting ready to talk

Black Is The New Black

No offense to the bright colors sprinkling our closet, but our go-to hue will forever be black. It has the power to anything look instantly cooler and more dramatic, from your lips to a unicorn horn. Our motto? When in doubt, paint in black.

Midnight Hour

With fall slowly fading in, we’ve started embracing head-to-toe layers of shadowy shades. Whether you opt to pair pitch-perfect leather with sheer lace or heavy hardware with noir staples, these looks will help you get your closet back to black. (Style Decorum, Olivia Emily, Jean Greige, The Haute Pursuit, Tumblr,  Street Peeper, Tierdropp, Seasonably Haute, Where Did U

Noir Venusien

If you had any doubt that Claudia Schiffer is the hottest woman in the universe, just look to this ’92 French Elle shoot featuring the supermodel frolicking on the beach in sultry little black dresses that are cut, bound and laced to perfection. Now, to hunt down that strapped Gaultier dress… (French Elle, May ’92 via The

Take A Spin

Lately we’ve been embracing the hues of the color wheel in more ways than one. Spin art was one of our favorite pastimes as kids, and we’re still pretty obsessed with these crazy paint-splattered masterpieces. Whether hung on the wall or swirled onto a dress, we’re definitely overdue for a spin art sesh.

Meet Saria!

Though it may have been Saria’s flawless skin and perfect pout that instantly drew us in, the Taiwanese beauty also happens to be one of the sweetest girls ever. So naturally, we had to chat with her during hair and makeup about everything from Salt ‘n Pepa to flying cars. Astrological sign: Cancer My friends

Black Magic

With the final days of summer drawing near, we’ve been noticing our closet and tunes taking a turn toward the dark side. To get you in the mood for the return of sweater weather, we rounded up the tracks we’ve been playing on repeat, from ’60s psychedelia to lo-fi perfection. “Believer” by John Maus “By

Warhol’s Polaroid Portraits

Long before the days of Instagram, Andy Warhol was constantly spotted out taking candid photos of his glamorous pals. So to celebrate his birthday, we thought it was only fitting to round up a few of our favorites. With snapshots of everyone from Debbie to Dolly, these portraits prove the Pop Art king also had

In The Cross Cutoff Shorts

Le Blog De Betty gets graphic on the streets of Barcelona in a tropical Stella McCartney shirt paired with Bitching and Junkfood’s Cross Cutoff Shorts, bold mirrored shades and kelly green sandals perfect for trekking around the city. And that Pamela Love cuff? Gah.