Make A Scene

Paint the town in rainbow brights, loud prints, and epic vintage minis sure to blow everyone’s mind.  Check out our newest vintage collection & get the 411 on our muse, Niki Takesh!

And The Winners Are…

Holy snap. There were so many incredible photos to choose from that we had to add a few extra to the spread for a grand total of 20 winners. You all will be featured in our debut issue of SUPER NASTY Magazine coming out in September! In no particular order, the winners of our SUPER NASTY

2001: A Niki Takesh Odyssey

2001 will forever be my favorite year. Not only was it the best year in fashion, movies, tv, and music, but something about Y2K continues to intrigue and inspire me. I think people had really high expectations for the new millennium and thought that everything would become super robotic and futuristic overnight. Fashion totally evolved

Digital Underground

With one of our loudest vintage collections ever coming your way tomorrow, we thought it was only fitting to make a soundtrack for the 90’s club kid-inspired finds. So if you have a weakness for rainbows, black lights and Spice Girls, this one’s for you. “Creature” by Kim Ann Foxman “Kim Ann Foxman of Hercules

Daniel Moon + Ramsell Martinez

Daniel and Ramsell first bonded over pizza while cutting 20 wigs to make KeSha’s dancers look like Kiefer Sutherland from The Lost Boys for the 2010 VMAs. She was performing as a final act and the duo was paired up to style hair for her 15 dancers. Needless to say, it was one crazy night and they’ve

High Times

With our very first denim collection launching this week, we’ve been (quite literally) dreaming of high-rise jeans. Remember the scene in Dazed & Confused when they’re zipping her super high skinnies with pliers? Ours are way easier to get into, but just as hot. So whether you rock yours with a crop top, tied-up tank or

Things We Love Today

 1. Driving ’til you hit the ocean 2. Good jeans 3. Breakfast of champions 4. Team spirit 5. Photo shoots with friends 6. Road trippin’ 7. Finding the perfect sunnies 8. Sweet hearts 9. Summer love 10. Olympic babes