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Tuesday, September 18, 2012 NOM NOM NOM: Thanks to Rainbows

If you’re lucky enough to live southward, you’ve got pulsating, prehistoric bounties of all manner of fruits and vegetables freaking out and available to you year-round. It’s probably literally falling heavy and juicy and ripe from trees all around, as you skip down the streets with perfectly pink cheeks and wispy ocean hair, doing salt tricks in the sun, a shell in your pocket, a flower in your tresses. Pin a beautiful red rose on your cute little nose for that! For the rest of us though, about now is what we call harvest time, and basically we get to pretend we are sunshine coast citizens for about a month. It’s beginning to wind down now, so I wanted to just take this moment to acknowledge and bid farewell to another year of the beautiful sunshine rainbow of summer (edible, and otherwise).

bean spiral by julia kennedy

bounty by julia kennedy

eyes flowers by julia kennedy

tomato sandwiches by julia kennedy

scattered by julia kennedy

no regrets coyote by julia kennedy

rainbow lunch by julia kennedy


tomato blanket by julia kennedy

peaches by julia kennedy

table psychedelic by julia kennedy

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012 Newsflash: Moto Madness

When the going gets tough, the tough tosses on a motorcycle jacket, flips the finger and rides off with their crew. We’re so in love with the look of a true badass, we’re having a sale in its honor. Were you born to be wild?


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Tuesday, September 18, 2012 Studio Soundtracks: Su Tissue

Su Tissue by Denise Gallant

With her beautifully strange and sometimes jarring voice, Su Tissue had a lilt of sweetness that gave away her legendary shyness. Recordings of Suburban Lawns, the Long Beach-based band she fronted in the late 70s and early 80s, are few and far between, and videos of them are even more rare.

Su Tissue by Denise Gallant

 Su’s one of those legends who seems to have disappeared, and as Kate Carraway noted in our SUPER NASTY story about her, she “occupies an almost abandoned street corner of cool.” The mystery of Su’s near-anonymity at this point led us down an internet wormhole to Denise Gallant, who made the video for Suburban Lawns’ “Janitors” in 1980 (and also provided the images you see here). Not many people were making music videos then; in fact, it was Denise’s first. Here’s what she said to us about it:

“The video was shot with a black-and-white video camera at the Whiskey in LA. It was then colorized thorough our video synthesizer…our company then was called Synopsis Video, and we are listed among the early video synth people on several sites.

I did a second video JUST with Su Tissue around the end of 1984. I have not seen that video in years…so I am not sure where it is now.

I do have a video of cars that we ran at the Roxy when we played live with them—unfortunately all my decks were being used to play the show, and there were none left for recording. I really wish we had pictures and video outtakes, but we were all so poor then. A 20-minute videotape cost $25, which meant we used them over and over again. So the videos I have online are the precious few that made it past the early 80′s.”


Monday, September 17, 2012 Lessons From The Pros: We Own The Night

Who says the weekend ever has to end? When you’re planning to stay out all night, you’ll need a look that can keep up with you. Makeup artist Stacey Nishimoto gave us a step-by-step on dewy skin, smoldering eyes and fresh-from-the-shower hair in the new issue of SUPER NASTY. We loved it so much we had to ask her more about it.

Hi Stacey! What are a few of your favorite specific products to get this look?
The modern smoky/sultry eye is done with lavenders, royal purple and a touch of regal blue. This is a perfect day-into-evening look since purple is a flattering neutral for most skin types. To achieve this sexy orchid eye, Nars makes a perfect duo called Marie Gallant, and for honey complexions try Jolie Poupee. Just a sweep over the lids with these jeweled colors will make your eyes dance. A touch of plum focused in the center of the lips makes it look as if  you’ve had five glasses of wine with naked lips; try Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Perle in #112,  a beautiful, soft, sheer violet. Bag the lip liner and trace the outer lip with gold sparkle lip gloss. I like YSL’s Golden Praline–it has 24-carat gold flecks!

Let’s address the fantastic hair. It’s a pretty fine line between “wet look” and “greasy” (ha)… how do we apply product to ensure we don’t look like we’ve been slimed?
Nothing is sexier than straight-out-of-the-shower,  glistening hair. Wear it out the door all night! Wet-looking, touchable hair is magic for any look, and to achieve it, spray hair with a water bottle until it’s about 40% damp. Then glide on Soft Water Pomade by Baxter of California, a beautiful, soft, malleable product that is completely lightweight and will lock in that faux wet look all night long. Don a side or middle part, and tuck your hair behind your ears. Super sophisticated, and sexy as hell.

And after the night we’re supposed to have while looking so hot, how do we bounce back and look beautiful in the morning?
Yes, how to look refreshed the morning after with maybe one hour of sleep? Start with a sheer,  milky cleanser (I like Caudalie’s Gentle Cleanser) to break up the craziness on your skin, then give your face a few slaps, followed by illuminating moisturizer. Lock in the hydration by misting all over with Caudalie Grape Water spray. Highlight with a yellow-based concealer such as Givenchy’s Mister Light in Mister Milk, or for medium to deep complexions try a pink-based concealer such as YSL’s Touche Éclat in Luminous Radiance. For fair skin, dust an iridescent face powder such as  Chanel’s Poudre Douce in Rosée all over, and finish with a healthy pink blush such as Desire by Nars on the apples of your cheeks. You’ll be glowing like that disco ball you puked under the night before.

For more tips from Stacey, check out the beauty feature in

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Monday, September 17, 2012 Nasty Gals Do It Better: In the Studded Fringe Bucket Bag


With style that’s crisp like a stack of fresh bills, Jessica of Hapa Time keeps her stash in our Studded Fringe Bucket Bag. Tossed over the shoulder with a status update tee, plus intergalactic mini and oversize watch, she’s got the look of a cosmic baller. She upgrades the look with sky-high booties, smoldering eye makeup and killer smile, which tells us this pretty rebel likes to flirt a little with danger—a girl after our own heart!

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