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Thursday, November 15, 2012 Newsflash: Holiday Gift Shop

Some for them and some for you—it’s the time of year to give it weird, and we’ve got all kinds of happiness in shiny packages.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012 Right Now: Coming Through

Sporty mesh makes its way from courtside to the streets as fall’s ultimate layering piece, showing off just enough skin for the win.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012 Nasty Guys: Glam Rock ‘n’ Romance with Marion Belle

Fatal Jamz is the kind of band that stirs your inner delinquent—that part of you that wants to get your sequins dusty as you run wild into the kind of night that, despite all odds, ends up changing your life for the better. Front man Marion Belle says he, too, is only interested in these kinds of musicians, the ones you see onstage for one song, or hear for a second on the radio, and then that’s it—they’ve got you.

With a snow white Stratocaster bought at a pawn shop, he headed out to the Valley for some singing lessons from a woman in a pink wig. A couple bands later, he’s now got Fatal Jamz—and we’ve got an exclusive track to release after we pick his brain a little. The glam-pop songs on their new record, he says, “try to narrate the story of someone waking up at dawn, in the morning in Los Angeles, and their journey through a hazy and insanely fantastical world, until the end of night.” That’s exactly what we got from their “Scorpion Chain” video, directed by Abigail Bean, and how it felt when they played our Halloween party.

Mesh or lace?
Cherry lipstick trace on the white leather upholstery.  1955 Ford Fairlane and the Sunset Strip.
Glam rock or new romance?
For me rock ‘n’ roll began at an arcade in the mall near my school when I was 13–something about being a teenager in America is insanely lonely and mythic and there are so many people out there in the wilderness, you want to sing them a song of great insane beauty.  Because someone sang you a song that reached you, you know how it feels and you don’t want them to be alone, either. You can’t let them down–or yourself–and you’re being chased by that thought, so you dive into the heart-shaped pool, beneath the turquoise waves, and you drown in haunted melodies. While beneath the waves you commune with Gia Carangi and Sebastian Bach. You surface for air, emerging outside Versace’s South Beach estate. You fall sleep on a white sand beach while palm trees sway beneath candy neon lights…
Make it happen or go with the flow?
Make it happen every single day, whatever you do. Live for your bitchin’est dreams.
Choices or decisions?
Choose the wild thing, go with your heart, you can save people and yourself. Remember love hurts, but that’s the dreamiest part.  Somehow, be the best friend to everyone you can be.  Never forget the first time…or the last, and always be a babe.
Black light or moonlight?
Black moonlight as it follows you naked, like a strobe through emerald forests at dawn.
Fast times or easy rider?
Die young and leave a gorgeous corpse but don’t leave your babies cryin.’  Easy Rider, bi-yatch.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012 California Dreaming: On Our Wish Lists

Nothing gets us more in the mood for the holidays than making up our holiday wish lists. Oh, you’re supposed to be thinking of presents for other people? Oops! Here’s everything our staff would love to get our hands on for ourselves…

Soozie – Assistant Designer Rock Candy Shorts
“Perfect for standing out on New Year’s, not wearing a predictable sequin dress! And perfect for a glitzy birthday outfit too. I’m saving this baby for mine in May!”

Saga – Merchandise Assistant Soiree Platform
“Love this shoe for the holidays! Such a great pop of color to make any outfit party worthy … and even better because it can stay in your wardrobe all the way through summer. “

Rosa – Fashion Content Editor Midnight Rose Crown
“Part of my style plan for this season is to wear more head pieces. I’m starting with headbands and am working my way up to this!”

Liz – Sr. Copy Writer Liz Sequin Shorts
“It’s not just the name–the color, the cut, the dazzle… everything about these shorts says shameless and that’s exactly what I am when I’m going out for the night!”

Dee – Assistant. Apparel Designer Take Me Out Dress 
“This is my favorite piece we made for collection. It’s made out of an awesome foam that stands up on its own and fits like a dream!”

Nicki – Front Desk Coordinator Spectrum Moto Jeans
“Such fantastic rainbow sorbet jeans… here’s to wearing all your sweet, sweet memories of summer on your pants!”

Kaitlyn – Sr. PR Manager Nine Lives Knit Cardi
“Truth be told, I’m obsessed with anything leopard. This slightly oversize, super cozy cardigan will be a staple in my cold weather wardrobe.”

Lisa – Junior Buyer  Union Jack Moto Jacket 
“Still feelin’ all that British mod.”

Martine – Web Designer Luster Blouse
“Because it’s a ‘minimum effort, maximum output’ piece. Fits with my avant-lazy look.”

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012 (Almost) Vintage: Diamond In The Rough

With the spotlight on sequins, muted metallics, pastel faux fur and standout prints, our Diamond Girl collection is an invitation to pile on all of the brilliance that the season has to offer. Imagine the best of 80s glam nightlife at some incredible club on the cliffs of Malibu… yep, that’s where you’ll find us.

 Styled by Stevie Dance and shot by Hugh Lippe, our Nasty Gal Holiday Collection is for the girl who doesn’t think too hard about dressing up, yet when she walks into the room the party stands still. Make no apologies for wanting to live the fantasy! Now go materialize it without having to even try.

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