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Thursday, January 24, 2013 Nasty Guys: Eternal Flames

With all the love in the air this week, talk naturally turned to our ultimate crushes. After a heated debate here at Nasty Gal HQ, we dreamed up a list of heartthrobs we’ve been shamelessly obsessed with since junior high. From Johnny Depp circa “Winona Forever” to Dylan McKay and his denim overalls (and even an MMMBop bro…no judgement!), these babe magnets will have you swooning in no time. So don’t be shy, take a peek at the dudes we’ll love forever. Uhhh…boyz rule.

Saga, Merchandise Assistant: ”Leonardo DiCaprio. Why? TitanicRomeo and JulietThe Beach, annnnnd we’re birthday twins.”

Katie, Asst. Retoucher: ”Jack White! Not only is he super sexy but he can make a guitar out of a piece of wood, a coke bottle and a guitar string!”

Alex, Production Coordinator: “Bobby from Twin Peaks because and/or in spite of the fact that he is such an a**hole.”

Ashley, Sr. Fashion Stylist: ”My boyfriend. Wah wahhh, I’m so cheesy. But seriously. He’s hot.”

Jaclyn, Social Media Manager: “David Byrne in Stop Making Sense and Mick Jagger…well…any time.”

Kate Moss & Johnny Depp (Photo by Barry King/WireImage)

Val, PR Coordinator: ”Johnny Depp circa Kate Moss.”

Soozie, Asst. Designer: ”Johnny Depp circa Winona Ryder.”

Sabrina, Planning Analyst: ”Dylan McKay in Beverly Hills 90210, season one. I specify the season because he wears denim overalls. I mean…”

Courtney, Site Merchandiser: “I’m a little embarrassed to say…Andrew Keegan was my only childhood crush. I saw him out once in Santa Monica and wasn’t as impressed “

Jenny, Graphic Designer: ”Jordan Catalano, duh.”

Isabella, Social Media Associate:Marc Bolan! A man who you can share jumpsuits with, can sing you to sleep and says things like, ‘I drive a Rolls Royce because it’s good for my voice.’”

Dee, Asst. Designer: ”Lemmy. Always & Forever. At any age.”

Liz, Sr. Copywriter: ”Back in the day, mine was definitely Bijou Phillips.”


Kaitlyn, Sr. PR Manager: ”Taylor Hanson since ’96, and still my #1 babe! I fell in love at Meadowlands Arena during a free 6am show put on by a local Jersey radio station. I caught a stuffed animal he threw out to audience and it got ripped from my hands except for the tag. I kept the tag.”

Nicki, Front Desk Coordinator: “Edward Furlong circa Terminator 2.”

Tammy, Marketing Manager: “Childhood? Christian Bale. Did you ever see Newsies? Come on.”

Nick, Asst. Fashion Stylist: “The beautiful Robert Mapplethorpe.”

Cherysse, Jr. Buyer: “Ultimate 90s crush? Ethan Hawke circa Reality Bites.”

Sarah, Art Director: “Um, mine was Fred Durst. Gross.”

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013 NOM NOM NOM: Get Your Mac On


Made in every hue known to woman, the charmingly delicious macaron is the ultimate accessory of desserts. Inspired by model Cora Keegan in our latest lookbook, we want to do nothing more than lounge around eating these airy, creamy French pastries–the definition of decadence.



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Wednesday, January 23, 2013 OMG, Shoes!: This Could Be You

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 11.19.16 AM

Meet Christina, the  oh-so-lucky girl that won our last Shoes For A Year sweepstakes. We got the chance to catch up with her to see her new collection of heels, boots and towering platforms. If you haven’t signed up yet, this year’s sweepstakes ends on January 29th, so step on it!

In this smorgasbord of shoes, what have you realized about your style?

I’ve noticed I really like the shoe to elevate the overall outfit. I’m not afraid to mix hard and soft looks.

If you had to choose just one pair of shoes to wear for a month, which would they be?

My favorite pair is the Sam Edelman Spiked Low Desert Boots (which are sold out, but here’s a similar pair) because they go with any outfit, whether it be a dress or a pair of jeans.

What are your favorite shoes on Nasty Gal right now?

I’m definitely digging the Zoe Oxford in Hologram. They’re a mix of feminine and masculine that’s so charming.

Have you found any new beloved brands or do you not play favorites?

Jeffrey Campbell is ruling my closet right now with the party shoes. Sam Edelman tames my closet with the classic, yet fun, go-to shoe.

How did you make space in your life for all these shoes?

Luckily, I’m usually pretty conservative with the number of shoes I have in my closet, so they easily fit in with the rest of them. I’ve started to stack them on higher shelves. Organization is key or I find myself wearing the same pairs over and over. I keep them in the box and have the description of the shoe facing out.

Has winning this contest helped refine your style or has it expanded it?

The shoes on Nasty Gal are bold and edgy. I love this! Winning the contest has definitely allowed me to expand my style in a much more exciting way. It’s amazing how these shoes really ramp up any outfit!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013 Right Now: Let’s Get Intimate

There’s nothing sexier than showing that you have nothing to hide. Get out from under the covers and take a stroll in the sunshine wearing your favorite underthings with some choice layers, or show ‘em off just a little under the perfect sheer dress!




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Tuesday, January 22, 2013 Nasty Gals In The Wild: Addicted to Love

We asked some of the cutest couples we know across the globe to share their stories about their most romantic moments. Here, they kiss and tell…

Michelle Laine x Yves Berlin
Every day we spend together is romantic, but the most romantic thing we ever did may have been right at the beginning of our relationship. We spent every day together for the first nine days, and then on the tenth day we decided to move in together. That was nearly five years ago!

Marie Marot  x Yaz Bukey
For our first Valentine’s Day we went to Yaz’s hometown in Istanbul, where we had a cozy and romantic diner by the Bosphorus. When we came back to our hotel room there were 365 red roses! A red rose a day keeps the doctor away.

Marion Belle x Abigail Bean
Abby is the rarest angel I’ve ever known. She’s been the muse of my love and life since I met her six years ago on Valentine’s Day, driving around LA in her brother’s 1971 ice blue Cutlass Supreme. In the immortal words of Bob Dylan, “She’s got everything she needs, she’s an artist, she don’t look back.” We always go to Venice on New Year’s Day and dive into the freezing ocean, holding each other’s hand, and start the year by renewing our promises to each other. Here’s a song I wrote, “Remember Waikiki,” inspired by love and Valentine’s Day.


Irina x Keir

Irina and I met on New Year’s Day 2012 in Montreal at a mutual friend’s flat. I had given up and sworn off love and wanted nothing to do with this attractive and boisterous female that came in like a hurricane to the burnt-out atmosphere of an extended New Year’s party where we had been making music. She was walking along the back of the couch—where I was lying with my hood up and spirits low—similar to a cat who sits on the lap of the one person in a room who despises felines. She eventually climbed on to me saying, ” I wanna be on you,” and she stayed on my back like a monkey for hours while I changed records, made tea and even played drums. Eventually we got to talking. The conversation went like this:

Rini: “Who you from?”

Keir: “Is you me?”

It was then that we decided to marry (no sex before marriage), and our friend Beaver, whose house we were occupying at the moment, married us with an impromptu ceremony. We have spent nearly every minute of every day together since, either at home in Montreal or travelling around together. Our anniversary is New Year’s, which makes it easy to remember. And no matter how crazy our adventures get, it would be hard to forget how we met.

Kairline Lisk_Dennis

Karline  x Dennis
I would like to say his proposal was the most romantic thing because it was, not to mention our wedding… But to me I guess the most romantic thing was when he got my name tattooed without telling me beforehand. Considering that’s his only tattoo… yeah, we girls love stuff like that. 

Tanja Siren_Hugo Capablanca

Tanja Siren x Hugo Capablanca
Here we are in our grey gardens… This was the end of another gloriously lazy afternoon, between two showers of summer rain—one of our most romantic days.

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