Kava Gorna

(photo by Brandon Harman) Sensuality can get real creepy real quick, but photographer Kava Gorna knows how to keep it beautiful, finding just the right bit of bizarre for balance. She’s previously worked for Vogue, i-D, Nylon, Rolling Stone and a bunch of others you’ve definitely heard about… and when she shot this fierce series for us with El Grace, she said

Things We Love Today

1. Makeup fit for a mermaid 2. With hair to match 3. Always stopping to smell the roses 4. Sweet escapes 5. Taking the plunge 6. Road trippin’ 7. Weird classics 8. Keepin’ it fresh 9. Crazy pants 10. Sticking to our resolutions

Harmony Korine

Happy Birthday to filmmaker Harmony Korine, the rebellious eccentric who continually delivers healthy doses of curious and surreal to the cinema, from the most recent Fourth Dimension and forthcoming Spring Breakers to iconic film Gummo. He’s not afraid to be disturbing by heading pretty far out there … yet he still somehow keeps it relatable, commenting

Stem Spells

Take a chance on your pants and wear ’em loud and proud! Nothing screams out style better than a pair of bold statement pants, the best way to walk the talk. (Fashiononymous, Native Fox, Fanny Lyckman, Vintage Virgin, Dulceida, Blame It On Fashion, Jessica Christ, Modern Legacy, The Haute Pursuit, Ordinary People, Tumblr, Let’s Get Flashy, Art

Minty Fresh

Like a breath of fresh air, Lauren of Golden White Decor rocks our favorite frosty hue in the Metallic Spark Dress, Starburst Clutch, and the Metal Spike Headband, finishing it off with a crisp white jacket and Soiree Platforms. Total palette cleanser!