Dance, dance, dance with Girls Girls Girls


Way back in September of last year, we asked Parisian DJ Louise Chen to fill the big hole in our heart the way that only a proper playlist can. She helped us out and we never forgot her generosity, so we made sure to keep tabs on her—and more specifically her latest venture Girls, Girls, Girls—in the latest issue of SUPER NASTY.

Since we know you are extra on your shit, you’ve probably already devoured the magazine. Maybe even twice. So you also are likely well-familiarized with the Parisian DJ duo Girls Girls Girls, who have sparked a sometimes-throwback, sometimes-guilty pleasure listening and dancing party that have us looking for transatlantic fares on the regular. Until the next fare sale, though, we’re content with this especially awesome (and sort of cathartic?) mixtape. Get some friends, turn it up loud and get ready to DANCE!

Oblivious Optimists & Wet Laundry: An Interview with Trinkets Author Kirsten Smith


Let’s talk about that first moment you realized that one of the woman responsible for some of the most formative movies of your childhood—we’re talking 10 Things I Hate About You, She’s The Man and Legally Blonde to name a few. Then, let’s talk about the moment that comes next: When you realize she’s just put a book out. And it’s about three very different teenagers. And shoplifting. We’re pretty sure that moment is called “euphoria”.

Zippora Seven’s Sydney Guide


Zippora Seven is one of a rare breed of models that transcends on-page adoration and prompts “fuckyeah” tumblrs devoted to their personal style and uniquely awesome ways. We’re not immune from Zippy love either—so, we asked the Auckland-born, Sydney-dwelling babe where we’re likely to run into her if we, say, happen to be in Sydney.

Meet Charlbi!


The insanely adorable Charlbi Dean Kriek stopped by the studio this week and instantly stole our hearts. Between dancing around in platforms, snacking on buttery popcorn and snapping Instagram pics with our styling team, the South African stunner proved she’s just one of gals. Here, she spills on her style icons, dream splurge and favorite ’90s flicks.

Baby Strange, Chloe Nørgaard


(Photo by Tim Barber, styling by Halley Wollens)

Renowned for her awesomely wild, weird and one-of-a-kind style, 22-year-old model-of-the-moment Chloe Nørgaard is winning over the fashion world with her playful attitude and trademark rainbow tresses. The LA-born, NY-based beauty happens to be the face of Nasty Gal’s most kick-ass shoot of late, so we asked her to tell us all about her days as a “too wild” teen, her obsession with head-tripping arts and crafts and how she loves, “being completely free and just dancing.” Meet your new girl crush.