When we heard that M/M Paris’ first West Coast exhibition was happening just over the hill from us at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, we were pumped! The hyper-creative and majorly lauded Parisian design duo, Mathias Augustyniak and Michael Amzalag, are most well known for their unique integration of hand-drawn illustrations with rich

Keep It Weird!

Calling all weirdos! We want you to share your craziest, weirdest and wildest selfie on Instagram for a chance to win a $1,000 gift card. Check out the deets and get weird! xoxo, Nasty Gal

Meet Mila!

It should take about .001 second to see why we couldn’t wait to have our favorite off-duty beauty, Mila De Wit, back in the studio. Not only is she a total blast to hang out with, she can transform from girl next door to smokin’ hot bombshell with a single bat of her lashes. We had a

Things We Love Today

1. Electric white in the House of Style 2. Get off of my cloud 3. It’s all a blur 4. Piercingly on-point 5. Dive in 6. Light, bright snaps 7. Softly structured 8. Crystal clear, in full stereo 9. Heavy petals 10. Still got it

She’s A Lady

Nicole Wray and Terri Walker, the soulful songbirds behind Lady, aren’t exactly new to the scene—even if their group would be found squarely in the “emerging” category. But these two have been working—by which they mean exercising those pitch perfect vocal chords—in the industry for years with the likes of Missy Elliot, The Black Keys

In The Time Out Mesh Tee

Christa Jayne of Fashion or Famine makes a slam dunk in the Time Out Mesh Tee paired with a super hot leather mini and chunky knotted belt. She adds a little spice to the sporty look with giant shades, a gold-dusted vintage bag and megawatt white pumps. Ladies, it’s officially time to step up your game.

P.S. I Made This… For You

We maintain a hard and fast rule when it comes to looking exactly like every other person at a party: Just say no. And while, yes, a pricey and perfect vintage number does get the job done, sometimes the best way to ensure you’re the biggest stunner in the room is to take matters into

Achromatic Cool

Is there anything chicer than all white everything? We love the idea of a blank canvas making a louder statement than any color-injected or print-packed look ever could. And just because it’s minimalist doesn’t mean white on white (on white) isn’t interesting; think light-bending shapes, stark silhouettes and super cool textures that pack enough punch

Ministry Of Love

What’s better than watching your favorite band’s new music video and just one step closer to participating in their mad creative romp? We’re going to go with the following: A perfectly trippy, totally techy and utterly cool interactive video. And who could possibly be responsible for such a dream come true? Io Echo, of course.

Meet Ebonee!

We’re beyond lucky to get to hang out with some of the world’s coolest chicks in our studio, and this week was no different. Ebonee Davis showed up barefaced in a tank and ripped jeans, but was stoked to get a serious smear of coral lipstick and step into some mile-high platforms. See, she’s the