Miley Cyrus

A skull made of french fries, smoke emanating from the crotch region, candles lit via burning marshmallows, some guy eating money, some other guy rubbing bread on his face, an unhealthy number of EOS ChapStick eggs, Pepto-Bismol blood, various taxidermied animals, a piñata filled with hot dogs (those were hot dogs, right?), and a make out session with an oversized Barbie doll. Am I the only person who wasn’t at all shocked by Miley’s new music video? Ever since she started that talk about the “best of both worlds,” I knew Miley had something up her sleeve. “We Can’t Stop” is a perfect testament to the turn Miley has made for the better. She’s tatted, veiled, and wears the shit out of a black beanie. If you didn’t catch the music video, or you just want to see some of the highlights in slow-mo, check out these gifs. Caution: you may end up with a bleach blonde pompadour at the end of this.—Chris

The Art of Punk

 I found the art and fashion of punk before I discovered the music. When I was 13, I dyed my hair, wore ripped up clothes, and started hanging out with the weird kids. Even though it was the late ’90s, and punk was “dead,” my best friends and I loved classic “’77” punk music thanks to our trusty neighborhood record clerk. I covered my bedroom walls with flyers from local punk shows and the art of Gee Vaucher, Dave King, Raymond Pettibon, Winston Smith and others. I was inspired by the rad women in the scene. They taught me to be fearless.

In the latest installment of The Art of Punk, a documentary series commissioned by MoCAtv about the visual culture of punk, filmmakers Bryan Ray Turcotte and Bo Bushnell delve into art of Crass, who happen to have been my favorite band. Their loud, fast, anarcho-punk lyrics and absolute conviction to the DIY spirit won my young heart. I spoke with the filmmakers about punk music, the Met gala and their favorite punk ladies, and Bryan even dug into his extensive collection of ephemera to highlight my heroes.—Martine Syms

Nef & Nat’s Guide to Athens


Style and travel bloggers Nef and Nat are no strangers to long flights and layovers. Inspired by their parents, traveling has always been an integral part of their lives. To them, travel is “the highest form of education and the greatest gift that one has to offer oneself.” But no matter where they jet off to, the twins will always call Athens home. Their favorite spots in Athens run tandem to their somewhat eclectic styles—sometimes opting for chic and sophisticated, while at other times looking for more of a IDC-I’m-in-Free-Runs kind of look. Of their hometown, they say that “If you haven’t been here yet, you must hurry. It is an amazing place, with so many secret spots and a magical energy.”

DIY Crayon Lipstick


We decided to make crayon lipstick because we thought it looked like fun. But in light of recent news that traditional lipstick contains lots of scary stuff, it turns out that it’s pretty practical too! Crayons are totally non-toxic and made to be safe enough for kindergarteners to munch on, and all the other ingredients are food-grade, so perfectly okay to put on your lips. Try this out, and you’re guaranteed to be the brightest crayon in the box…er, room.

Twin Fashion by Nef & Nat


Twinfashion‘s Nef & Nat are Nefeli and Natalia, two Athens, Greece, based sisters who’ve been blogging about their style and their travels for the past two and a half years. In addition to blogging,  Nat is currently the Digital Media Director at Sugarfree and Nefeli as a stylist, frequently working in Sweden. These girls are seriously on the go, and cite travel as their first love, a trait they inherited from their parents. Therefore, it’s no surprise that their style is a mix of sporty and sophisticated—addition to heels and crop tops, the sisters love sneakers and cut-offs, and are rarely seen without their almost-signature sunnies.

Nothing To Hide

We’re seeing right through this latest trend, and totally loving it. Once relegated to toddler’s jelly sandals and stripper heels, lucite and clear plastic are now showing up in tons of unexpected and sophisticated ways. Our favorites are shoes that make it look like you’re walking on air, and cuff bracelets and bags that inspire an instant double take. Plus, we can’t help but think that a clear bag is actually pretty practical, as you’ll finally be forced to go minimal and keep your bag from, you know, filling up with useless crap.

NYane and Mpho, Part I

_DSC8857 _DSC8825(1) (1)

NYane and Mpho are 19 year-old twins living in Southampton, England. To say that we’re obsessed is an understatement. Mpho is a university student studying fashion buying and design, and NYane is a designer and model. They cite fashion’s original twin-set, Mary-Kate and Ashley, as their main inspiration. “Their style shows a slight differentiation, but they still complement each other,” NYane says of the Olsens. “Each of our personal styles reflect our personalities and lifestyles. Mpho dresses more relaxed, with a mash-up of oversized pieces, wide-brim fedoras and masses of jewelry. She’s more of a gig and festival go-fer.” NYane wears more bold and sculptured, statement pieces. She’s more of a risk-taker with a loud personality, and frequently changes her look to suit her mood,” Mpho says. In these photos, they’re wearing several clear pieces, one of our favorite trends for summer. The twins hope to have their own line of clothing someday, and we hope they do too!