NYane and Mpho, Part I

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NYane and Mpho are 19 year-old twins living in Southampton, England. To say that we’re obsessed is an understatement. Mpho is a university student studying fashion buying and design, and NYane is a designer and model. They cite fashion’s original twin-set, Mary-Kate and Ashley, as their main inspiration. “Their style shows a slight differentiation, but they still complement each other,” NYane says of the Olsens. “Each of our personal styles reflect our personalities and lifestyles. Mpho dresses more relaxed, with a mash-up of oversized pieces, wide-brim fedoras and masses of jewelry. She’s more of a gig and festival go-fer.” NYane wears more bold and sculptured, statement pieces. She’s more of a risk-taker with a loud personality, and frequently changes her look to suit her mood,” Mpho says. In these photos, they’re wearing several clear pieces, one of our favorite trends for summer. The twins hope to have their own line of clothing someday, and we hope they do too!

DylanLex’s Silver & Gold


Drew from DylanLex has a pretty insane talent for layering beautiful masses of metal jewelry, and since we’ve been into mixing silver and gold as of late, we asked her to do the same. Surprisingly, she said it was a bit of a challenge. “To be honest I dont usually mix gold and silver. I go hard with all silver!” she says. “But this was fun project! My grandmother, who I inherited my jewelry-hoarding gene from, has a ton of vintage gold pieces and she always laughs that I only wear silver. Glad you asked me to do this, because now I have an excuse to raid her closet.”

Island Punk Eyeliner

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For Chanel’s 2014 Resort show in Singapore, makeup artist Peter Phillips created this two-toned black and turquoise cat-eye that, in our minds, evoked equal parts hell-raising pirate and tranquil turquoise seas. We thought it was the perfect punk-yet-still-pretty look for summer, so we got our own makeup artist, Stacey Nishimoto, to recreate it on Sophia. According to Stacey, the end goal is a clean top, and blended bottom—an architectural black line softened by a blue haze. Here are her steps!

How Two Live


From weekend shopping trips to joint hair appointments, we do pretty much everything as a twosome. So when Stef set off for six months of studying French and croissant eating in Paris, we wanted a way to continue sharing our lives from across the globe. Enter How Two Live, a blog where we began documenting our daily adventures, café finds, and latest wardrobe additions. 11 months later, and our online diary has led to a year of international fashion weeks, collaborations with some killer designers, and a whole lot of matching outfits.

Paradise City

Something about the summer heat makes us want to suit up in head-to-toe palm prints and paint on lipstick as bright as our bikinis. And apparently, we’re not the only ones. Tropical vibes are all over the streets and we can’t get enough of these mix-and-match looks infused with neon color, lush florals and super fun accessories. It’s all about an “anything goes” attitude so don’t be afraid to step out in bold hues and crazy prints you wouldn’t normally wear. It’s a (concrete) jungle out there, so get wild!

Tumblr Girls


Take a virtual stroll (er, scroll) through the wonderfully warped mind of Jon Burgerman, who’s offering up his playful interpretation of the selfie-sharing, interweb-surfing phenom that is the modern girl in the world. The Brit-born/NYC-based artist has us yearning to plaster our walls with his color-injected “Drawings of Girls I’ve seen on Tumblr“, a web-based project which is updated regularly (where else?) on Tumblr. With chromatic scribblings of everything from anonymous blogger babes to iconic fashion photography like Naomi Campbell as Cat Woman in Vogue Russia, it’s safe to say we’ve just found our new online obsession. Here, the Brooklyn dude dishes on his inspiration, the intrigue of going against generic beauty ideals and, duh, why gurlz rule.