What’s In Your Backpack? With Studio Production Intern Keely

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Meet one of the hippest girls in town, our Studio Production Intern, Keely! With a love for nostalgia and a spot-on pulse with current culture, we always look forward to seeing how she expertly mixes old and new. Of course, her backpack is no exception. Filled with eBay-search-worthy knick-knacks mixed with the coolest school supplies, Keely’s backpack makes us almost actually want to go back to school!

Steaktooth At Home


Steak 9

Do people still say ‘girl crush’ anymore? Well, we don’t care, because Rachael Finley is our girl crush and we’re proud of it. She recently let us into the house that she shares with her “good dude” and showed us around and let us ask a lot of probably annoying questions about all of her really cool stuff. Don’t worry Rachael, we didn’t steal anything. Promise.

Photos by Felisha Tolentino

Oui Oui Mon Ami

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 9.53.09 AM

Pàris! What can I say? A week in the City of Light was not enough, not even close. I learned a little French (oui oui mon ami!),  checked out some secret shopping destinations, and left my heart in Paris. Here are a few tips, straight from my Parisian journal. —xoxo, Sophia

What’s in Your Backpack? With Content Assistant Marissa


Meet Marissa! She’s our Content Assistant, and one of the only girls we know who can pull off five unique patterns on one body. Her style is loud and bold, so it’s no surprise that her backpack is full of dreamy fluorescents, patterns on patterns, and snacks as cute as they are tasty. As she prepares to head back to school in the fall—to finish up an art history degree at UCLA—we got her to give us the deets on what’s inside!

Leather Weather

Once synonymous with cold days and biker bars, leather has come a long way in terms of wearability. Its new interpretation is sleek, minimal, and bares a look that puts cotton to sartorial shame. The best part about leather? It can be used for everything now: pants, shirts, even the coveted crop top. If you haven’t already, take a walk on the wild side. It’s leather weather! (And hint, hint: A little faux never hurts, either.)

And The Winners Are…

Not gonna lie: Though our Hit The Dance Floor was a smashing success, we’re kinda sad it’s over because all the hilarious, creative and freakin’ awesome entries were totally entertaining. There were lots of Jeffrey Campbell, a few animals (omg, those goats!) and some mind-blowing dance moves. We laughed our asses off, and were totally inspired to dance them off, too. You can see the winning video from Megan above, and all of the runner-ups after the jump.

Photographer Felisha Tolentino

Felisha Portrait

As soon as we met photographer Felisha Tolentino, we instantly started putting her to work (like here, and here). Felisha is quite the accomplished 20-something, and though she may be young, she totally gets around (with her camera, that is). She’s shot bands like Green Day and Sandy Pussy, worked a lot with The Cobrasnake, and also knows her way around a fashion shoot—and she’s still in college! Since you’re going to be seeing a lot more of Felisha’s work in the near future, we caught up with her recently to talk embarrassing stories, future plans and spirit animals.

Introducing Steak Anderson



Oh, hey: Meet Rachael Finley, aka, Steaktooth. We like her style, her sense of humor, and how she spends her free time (making lists and drinking wine), so we tapped her to be our newest guest blogger. This is her first dispatch.

See, I’m new here. And while I have no doubt in my mind that pretty soon we’re all going to be vibing really well, first posts are scary. First anythings are scary, but we can get to that in a month or something. I was kind of struggling between a good intro about who I “am” or defaulting to my norm of making a bunch of cool lists or tiptoeing around, in, and directly on the nose of painfully awkward issues that happen over on my other blog. And that’s when this happened:

The Everlasting Crop Top

Contrary to popular belief, crop tops have been around long before Britney went there… “one more time.”  As this timeline of short shirts shows, crop tops have been the most un-selfconsciously sexy piece in every girl’s closet, dating all the way back to the 1940s. To put that in perspective, that was before girls were even allowed to wear jeans to school! As the below photos show, though, the crop top is the ultimate clothing cameleon, blending in seamlessly with the style of each (and every) decade.

(Hoodoo That Voodoo,