Meet the Cult: Whitney Cox

Though the Polar Paradox blogger recently traded blonde for brunette, Whitney Cox is a California girl through and through. She loves to travel, but since she lives by the beach, she loves to come home even more. Even in short-shorts and heels, Whitney’s still as laidback and as sweet as they come.

Meet the Cult: Niki Takesh

Niki Takesh is the kind of girl who’ll tell you her bra size the first time you meet, aka the kind of girl who’s your instant BFF. A dilettante who does a little bit of everything from styling to music videos, Niki used to dream of being a pop star like her idol, Britney Spears,

Meet the Cult: Dani Vee

A model and aspiring actress, Dani Vee is just adorable. She’s funny, outgoing and can talk to anyone—especially if she’s talking about food or music. The first time we met Dani, she was wearing combat boots, argyle socks and a giant muumuu that said ‘Go F**k Yourself.’ Instantly, we were in love.


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Cult & Chat

I never thought I’d join a cult (um… not really the type to be brainwashed) but now that Nasty Gal is launching Shoe Cult—our very first footwear collection—I am totally a disciple!

FYF Fest’s Sean Carlson

(See more about Sean in Refinery 29‘s Los Angeles 30 Under 30) The end of summer brings many horrible things (school, cold weather), but in Los Angeles, it at least goes out with a bang, thanks to FYF Fest. On August 24th and 25th, FYF takes over L.A. State Historic Park for a two day festival packed