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Monday, October 28, 2013 Nasty Gals In The Wild: Raise Hell, Wreak Havoc


We’re always pulling style inspiration from the ladies we love in everyday life (see: the entire Shoe Cult team), but one day a year we want to go balls out badass. So, this Halloween we’re dedicating our ensembles to some of the most fearless females in film: The Fabulous Stains’ Corinne BurnsWednesday Addams, and Pris from Blade Runner. We took three UCLA students, dressed them up, and let their characters take full control. Sit back, relax and watch as their alter egos take over the streets of Los Angeles.

(Photos by Felisha Tolentino)

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Friday, October 25, 2013 Contests: And The Sky Ferreira x Shoe Cult Giveaway Winner Is…


We hope you cleared you weekend plans because some Nasty Gals are about to get down this Sunday night. In case you forgot, we are giving away free tickets to Sky Ferreira’s L.A. show and a pair of Shoe Cult kicks. And now, the winners! (Drum roll, please.) Nicole Pomales and Victoria Audrina, you’re the lucky ladies! Check your email for the full details, and in the meantime, head on over to our Shoe Cult collection and pick which shoes you want to swipe ASAP.

Thanks to all that entered, and don’t worry, guys—we’ve got more killer giveaways up our sleeve, so stay tuned!

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Friday, October 25, 2013 Uncategorized: Meet The Cult: Alice Lancaster


There’s something so effortlessly awesome about our latest Shoe Cult Ambassador Alice Lancaster. She’s equal parts funny as she is talented, and you may have seen her art plastered on (some highly debated) American Apparel T-shirts as of late. She took us on a tour of her studio space in Bushwick, Brooklyn so we could get an up close and personal look at her NYC life—and her amazing cat.

(Shoe Cult photos by Cara Stricker; others by Kathy Lo)

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Friday, October 25, 2013 Top Tens: Scare Tactics


(We Heart It)

Halloween has this weird way of changing meanings as we grow up. At first, it’s a day for swift candy acquisition and consumption. By 15, it turns into skimpy cat costumes and schoolgirl skirts that ride higher than most thongs. At 18, I’ve come to a crossroads: am I still a part of the “I’m a mouse, duh” house party club, or is there something else I should be doing? Something more authentic? In the name of adventure (and boredom), my friends and I scoured Georgetown University for the creepiest spirit-channeling activities to do on the day of the devil. Luckily, our school has two graveyards, a (supposedly) haunted observatory, and some statues that scare me shitless. Here’s what we did—and what you can do—to freak yourself out on old Hallows’ Eve.

1. Ouija Your Life Away

Okay, so maybe Ouija boards are sold at Toys”R”Us, but there are YouTube videos and some super detailed accounts of supernatural experiences by way of Ouija. When I told my friends about my plans to take out my Ouija board this Halloween, one of them refused to be in the same room as me. Personally, I’ve never been possessed during a Ouija game, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013 Role Model: Meet The Cult: Brandee Brown


In case you haven’t noticed, we just can’t get enough of our NYC Shoe Cult disciples. Today, we’re getting to know filmmaker/Ryan McGinley muse Brandee Brown who is the definition of a badass babe. Lucky for us, Brandee created a short film that we’re debuting for the first time right here on the site! (Plus, it comes with a poem too.) Pretty cool, eh? Check it out below.

(Photos by Cara Stricker)

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