Allie Lewis

If you were intrigued by the purple-haired cutie from our Party Shop lookbook, you weren’t alone. We wanted to find out more about the gal behind those killer sequin dresses, so we did just that. World, meet Allie Lewis. Allie Lewis, meet the world. (Photos by Paul Trapani)

Meet The Cult: Olivia Bee

Apparently it is possible to be downright adorable and totally badass at the exact same time—just look at our latest NYC Shoe Cult disciple Olivia Bee. At 19, the Portland-born photographer has already shot campaigns for Hermes, Nike, and Converse, and her work has appeared in the New York Times, Vice, and Numero, just to

Meet The Cult: Mirella Miville

Just when you think you’ve met our entire NYC Shoe Cult crew, we hit you up with yet another badass chick hailing from the East Coast. But—unlike our other disciples—we found Mirella Miville wandering through the streets of Manhattan. (Seriously!) We were so drawn to her super on-point style that we asked this advertising student

Win A Vintage Chanel Bag!

We hope you guys are sitting down because we’re having one of the most insane giveaways yet—a free vintage Chanel bag! Enter here to get your hands on this ultimate score, but hurry—our contest ends November 10. (In the meantime, someone please tell us where we can steal a puppy that looks exactly like this

Notorious Party Girls

1. Bianca Jagger Now that our balls-out Party Shop is officially up and running, it’s time to celebrate. To kick things off, we rounded up some of our favorite fashiony party girls throughout history. Cheers! 2. Marie Antoinette 3. Edie Sedgwick 4. Drew Barrymore 5. Pamela Des Barres 6. Mary (Parker Posey) in Party Girl 7.

Illustrator And Motion Graphics Artist Tara Sinn

If you peeped our 15-second Shoe Cult teaser, you got just a tiny peek into the mind of web designer/illustrator/motion graphics artist/jack-of-all-internet-trades Tara Sinn. The NYC-based artist (known for her trippy, super-saturated artwork) chatted with us about her obsession with the internet, her favorite GIF of the moment, and all the awesome projects she’s working on next.