Boredom Bangs



There are two types of girls: the girls who trust only their hair stylist to touch their hair, and the girls who take their looks into their own hands. Okay, that is ridiculous—there’s actually like a million types of girls. But hair remains to be a contentious issue when it comes to vanity, whether it’s in aspiration of or taking ownership of one’s own vanity.

If you want something done right, do it yourself—makes sense right? And as much as we leave certain primping to the pros (anyone whose first introduction to a Brazilian is via DIY knows this), sometimes you get an itch in a moment of impulsive grandeur to do something semi-permanent to yourself… possibly involving scissors.


Inspired with a generous dose of ennui and fueled with all the Pinterest and Tumblr babes the Internet can offer, I’ve cut my own bangs in a fit of boredom for as many interims it took to grow them out completely and then do it all over again. So like, every two years. Luckily, I own a pair of hair-cutting shears that I picked up in Chinatown for less than $5, so I haven’t had to resort to safety scissors and the like. But then again, I suppose that that is in the spirit of boredom bangs, no?

Boredom Bangs are a Final Sale type of deal—you don’t want to drop dough unless you know you won’t regret it. But unlike buyer’s remorse, you wear these on your face. If you worship at the altar of YOLO, go for it. If you hate it, just remember that hair grows. If like me, you hem and haw at a Baskin Robbins for longer than it takes to actually eat the ice cream, put the scissors away for a while. Sleep on it. Consider that it’s summer and sweltering and bangs are like a permanent sweatband on your forehead. But then you look at a million anonymous Instagram accounts of girls with perfect bangs and it’s ON. The heart wants what the heart wants, after all.

Boredom comes in all shapes and sizes—I’d pace myself if I were you. After all, it’s not like you’ve got anything else better to do, right? Before you taketh the blade unto your tresses, take a gander at these bangin’ babes for inspiration.

01_Daisy Lowe

10_tumblr Natalie Portman

05_Listal- Rooney mara

06_Michelle Obama

11_tumblr Shannyn Sossamon

07_Russh Mag- Tavi Gevinson

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