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Tuesday, September 3, 2013 Nails: Manicures, Skorts and the 20 Year Gap



I did it. I made it, twenty some odd years without ever getting my nails done. I mean, nothing more than applying layers of glitter to cover whatever color had been chipping off over the last few months.

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Friday, May 4, 2012 Nails: Rock Them Nails!

Meet Madeline Poole, the crafty genius behind the amazing nail art in our May lookbook. We sat down with her to talk about getting ready for our shoot, the recent nail art craze, and what she’d love to paint on Nicki Minaj’s nails.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009 Nails: Reverse French Manicure


Ever since I stumbled upon the above picture in an editorial, I cannot stop thinking about nail designs. Quite honestly, the last time I was possessed to don nail art was for my high school prom, which at the time seemed like the coolest thing in the world. French manicures are classic and all, but leave it to John Galliano to take what we know and turn it upside down. Christian Dior’s FW ’07 featured a unique take on the two-tone look against various pastel colors.


Harking back to the Burlesque era, Dita Von Teese has been fashioning these spicy nails for quite some time now. It works best on long skinny acrylic nails, as that’s how it was done in the time period, but it looks fine on shorter nails as well. If you want to try it yourself, Glamour Magazine’s DIY instructions are easy to follow. Tell us how it works out!



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