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Wednesday, June 19, 2013 Artsy Fartsy: The Art of Punk

 I found the art and fashion of punk before I discovered the music. When I was 13, I dyed my hair, wore ripped up clothes, and started hanging out with the weird kids. Even though it was the late ’90s, and punk was “dead,” my best friends and I loved classic “’77″ punk music thanks to our trusty neighborhood record clerk. I covered my bedroom walls with flyers from local punk shows and the art of Gee Vaucher, Dave King, Raymond Pettibon, Winston Smith and others. I was inspired by the rad women in the scene. They taught me to be fearless.

In the latest installment of The Art of Punk, a documentary series commissioned by MoCAtv about the visual culture of punk, filmmakers Bryan Ray Turcotte and Bo Bushnell delve into art of Crass, who happen to have been my favorite band. Their loud, fast, anarcho-punk lyrics and absolute conviction to the DIY spirit won my young heart. I spoke with the filmmakers about punk music, the Met gala and their favorite punk ladies, and Bryan even dug into his extensive collection of ephemera to highlight my heroes.—Martine Syms

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013 Artsy Fartsy: Tumblr Girls


Take a virtual stroll (er, scroll) through the wonderfully warped mind of Jon Burgerman, who’s offering up his playful interpretation of the selfie-sharing, interweb-surfing phenom that is the modern girl in the world. The Brit-born/NYC-based artist has us yearning to plaster our walls with his color-injected “Drawings of Girls I’ve seen on Tumblr“, a web-based project which is updated regularly (where else?) on Tumblr. With chromatic scribblings of everything from anonymous blogger babes to iconic fashion photography like Naomi Campbell as Cat Woman in Vogue Russia, it’s safe to say we’ve just found our new online obsession. Here, the Brooklyn dude dishes on his inspiration, the intrigue of going against generic beauty ideals and, duh, why gurlz rule.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013 Artsy Fartsy: Wonderful Land


Currently burning retinas and blowing minds at OHWOW Gallery, “Wonderful Land” is a suite of analog photographs that capture the myth of the American landscape through a saturated lens. David Benjamin Sherry adopted the techniques of legendary 20th century photographers such as Ansel Adams and Imogen Cunningham as he traversed the Wild West with a handmade, wooden camera. The scale and composition of the landmasses conjure 60s earth works, while the brilliant monochromatic hues lend a contemporary, pop sensibility. Ready to go on a color trip?

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Thursday, May 9, 2013 Artsy Fartsy: Beach Reads for Smart Girls


Summer days were made for whiling away the hours on a sunny stretch of sand, lost in a really good book. So put down the trashy chick lit and opt for one of these captivating beach reads, recommended by a few smart girls we know.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013 Artsy Fartsy: Chewing The Fat with Photographer Stephanie Gonot

stephanie gonot

Imagine the endless life possibilities if you’d never listened to a word of your parents’ bogus advice. A thousand weird faces (no, they won’t stay that way) and maybe a few too many tattoos later, you might also have an exciting career playing with your food, like our very own Super Nasty contributing photographer Stephanie Gonot.

Since she started in 2010, she’s made a name for herself with her strange and disparate food photography. The weird pairings of her subjects and her matter-of-fact photo style create still lifes that are at once alarming and hilarious. “Working with food is great because people have strong reactions to it if it’s a little bit off,” she says. With brightly lit, highly saturated cacti nestled into a mountain of ice cream or cigarettes snuffed out into a Rite Aid pastry, it’s hard not to have a visceral, if confused, reaction to her work.

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Culture Shock > Artsy Fartsy > Chewing The Fat with Photographer Stephanie Gonot
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