Homecoming Babes

Let us clue you in on something: It’s a total myth that you need a date for the dance. Sure, if you’re just there to make out under the disco ball, then by all means—go for it. But if you want to dance, scream, laugh, raise hell, and have the best night of your life,

My Moment With The Man Repeller

For any of you that know me, (probably a grand total of two people—my best friend and my boss), you are aware that I love Leandra Medine. So much so, that I got a little fangirl-y last night at Leandra’s book signing event at Barney’s in Los Angeles. For the last nine months, I have

Malibu’s Most Wanted

Two Spring Breakers-obsessed friends, Marissa Klurstein and Keely Murphy (who also happen to be our insanely talented content assistant and intern), set out on a Malibu mission that takes place in a time period where Bonnie & Clyde, Harmony Korine, and Tupac collide. Hop in, enjoy the ride, and don’t forget to sing rap along to some serious

FYF x Soho House x Nasty Gal Party

To get amped for a weekend of nonstop dancing last weekend in L.A., we joined forces with Soho House for the official FYF pre-party at Mack Sennett Studios. Our favorite partygoers and head bangers boogied the night away to Holy Ghost!, Classixx and De Lux, taking breaks to snap Instas of the out-of-this-world art installations.

No Bummer Summer #2

 For our second in our series of No Bummer Summer pool parties, we headed to the Standard in West Hollywood to chill out on a Sunday afternoon. Along with music from DJs Rob Ackroyd,  Twin Shadow and Tamara Sky, there were beers, bikinis and sunglasses galore. Exactly what a pool party should be, right? (Photos by Rony’s Photo Booth)

Cut It Out

If there are two things in this  life that we love, it is clear vinyl and a good sweatshirt (and beaches and pizza and boys, but you get the point…).  So we got some of our craftiest Nasty Gals to show us how a little plastic and some basic cut-and-sew skills can bring new life

Nasty Gal’s No Bummer Summer

The Downtown Standard is our go-to spot. A couple weeks ago, we were having a staff meeting and playing ping pong on the second floor. This past weekend, we climbed a few steps and threw ourselves a post-Independence-Day rooftop fiesta. It was the first in our series of No Bummer Summer pool parties, so be sure

With Liberty and Just Enough Beer for All

With L.A. heating up to some unfair temperatures, it seems like the perfect time for Fourth of July to come around, bringing with it sun-dazed pool parties, last minute backyard campouts, and countless acts of inebriated patriotism. We caught up with the gals (and guy) around the office to see what they would be doing on America’s

Painted Desert

Laura Allard-Fleischl of Ponyhunter took us on a romp through the desert to capture candy-coated summer essentials at Salvation Mountain, a.k.a. her own personal Candyland. The result is a series of freewheelin’ babes clad in mesh swimsuits and dresses hot enough to melt the sun.