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Friday, May 16, 2014 California Dreaming: Boardwalk Empire


When it comes to colorful carnival rides, overpriced glitter hats, and territorial psychics, the Santa Monica Pier delivers an eclectic array of options. With memories of that cool pier from Rocket Power in mind, Marissa and I dressed up in our loudest prints and became boardwalk tourists for the day. Since we’re huge fans of wearable knickknacks, we headed to the souvenir shops in search of the oddest and most out-there finds. When we stumbled upon a body shirt with built-in belly button ring, we knew we had struck gold. From then on, Marissa and I accessorized ourselves with every object in sight (a giant pink dinosaur that we didn’t actually win, a mini key chain flask filled with blue ICEE, and piles of friendship bracelets, just to name a few), which served as indelible memories from our seriously-fun-but-hot-as-fuck day. —Chris Rellas

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Friday, April 18, 2014 California Dreaming: A Visit To For Love & Lemons HQ


We’ve been huge fans of For Love & Lemons for quite some time now, but when they launched their lingerie line Skivvies last fall, we officially needed to get to know the faces behind one of our favorite LA brands. As it turns out, founders Gillian Mahin and Laura Hall are in a super chill space Downtown (near us!), so we asked them if we could stop by to check out their digs, and take a peek at their spring Skivvies collection IRL. They very (very!) nicely obliged, and their lingerie designer Keenan Evans even chimed in to tell us how much work actually goes into building a bra. (Spoiler alert: It’s a lot.)

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Thursday, January 9, 2014 California Dreaming: Sunset For One

KLURSTE-R1-071-34 copy

When you’re down for some serious me-time, what’s better than lying on a blanket and watching the sunset surrounded by your favorite things? Well, nothing really, which is why we busted out our old school Razor, some killer vinyls, and salty snacks for a one-woman hang sesh in the California mountains. Solo adventure, commence!

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Friday, November 8, 2013 California Dreaming: 3 Super Nasty Party Ideas


Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 3.02.48 PM

Whether you like it or not, holiday season is officially approaching. But, hey, look on the bright side: It just means infinite more reasons to party. Here at Nasty Gal, we love a good theme, so we put together some killer party ideas to get you in the celebrating spirit. (Say goodbye to Ugly Christmas Sweater shindigs forever.)

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013 California Dreaming: Iconic L.A. Party Venues


In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in serious party mode here at NGHQ, and to celebrate, we rounded up 8 iconic L.A. hot spots that have historically shown us how to have a dang good time.

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