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Wednesday, February 20, 2013 California Dreaming: Spring Forward


Since our Spring ’13 Collection launched Monday, all talk at Nasty Gal HQ has turned to the pieces we can’t live another nanosecond without. The otherworldly collection has inspired everybody to look beyond the usual spring break destinations, getting ready for an intergalactic beach party in body-con neoprene and sheer, floaty tops and bottoms!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013 California Dreaming: Our Valentine’s Day Crushes


Alright lovebirds, it’s the final countdown to Valentine’s Day and our staff is here to save you from last-minute panic with the perfect outfit ideas. So whether you’re having a fancy dinner or dancing the night away, here are our top picks to ensure your sweetheart only has eyes for you.

Cherysse, Jr. Buyer: “A couple of us girls are going to have an Anti-Valentine’s Party! We’re going to dress up, order some food and talk shit about boys while Heathers plays in the background. I think I’m going to throw on the white Peplum Skinny Pants with a bustier and red lipstick!”


Isabella, Social Media Associate: “I’m going to hit up some great Valentine’s Day parties in LA. Since I’ll be dancing the night away, I’ll need some platforms that can keep up!”


Jaclyn, Social Media Manager: “I’m going to an amazing pop-up dinner in my neighborhood with the boy, so I have my eye on the Minx Peplum Jumpsuit. It’s effortless, yet undeniably sexy.”


Alex, Production Coordinator: ”I’m really digging the In The Cut Dress – it’s super simple & sophisticated. My valentine this year is Dee, so I gotta be hot for our girls night out! Single Nasty Gals unite!”


Dee, Asst. Apparel Designer: “I’m thinking of getting white hot in the White Heat Leather Jacket and Peplum Skinny Pants for a night with Alex on the town!”


Simone, Jr. Copywriter: “I’m going to a group Valentines dinner, you know, to take the awkward edge off of a lame V-Day date. I’ll be thrilling the other dinner guests in the Thrill Of The Lace Top, Lou Lou Bustier, high waist black skinnies and the Fontaine Cutout Oxfords.”


Stacey, Stylist & Makeup Artist: “I’m going to wear a long black sheath and order in Thai food and a pizza.”

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Friday, February 8, 2013 California Dreaming: Ready For NYFW Staff Picks


Packing is hard enough without having to worry about a total change of climate, swarms of photographers and close proximity to the most fashionable people on earth. Then again, there’s nothing we love more than a challenge! Keeping in mind fashion, function and, most importantly, fun, here are the key pieces our staff considers utterly essential to a good time at NYFW!

Isabella, Social Media Associate:

“I would definitely grab this High Voltage Crop Top. It’s the perfect layering piece for high-waisted everything, though I’d probably stick out like a true California Girl and freeze my buns off!”


Cherysse, Jr. Buyer:

The In Vogue Jumpsuit takes you from day to night, making it a staple for every trip and occasion. It’s totally the new party dress.”


Madison, Copywriter:

“Because these Workin Knee High Boots mean business…and they have a wedge heel so you can hit the streets without dying in stilettos!”


Rosa, Fashion Content Editor:

“I think one of the must-haves for fashion week is a pair of sunglasses, just like these Bright Future Shades. Nights are looooong and too much fun so you definitely need these in the mornings.”


Dee, Asst. Designer:

The White Heat Leather Jacket is a NASTY GAL original, that takes the classic badass moto jacket shape, elevates it with the functional hem-to-hem zippers all over and makes it chic with the optic white leather. BAM.”


Kelly, Jr. Buyer:

“Definitely the Reflections Knit Cardi – A cozy showstopper that’s equal parts form and function.”


Kaitlyn, Sr. PR Manager

“Why not add a lil’ color when everyone else will go for black?  The Neon Feather Dress looks sophisticated and fun at the same time. FW here I come. ”


Jacqueline, Jr. Buyer:

“Let’s face it. In the end, you always reach for your trusty black ankle boots. The Rafaela Boot is beyond special with its beautiful engraved metal hardware.”


Tammy, Marketing Manager:

“I would have to have the Selma Satchel, since I could stash my iPad in it, day accessories like lipstick, hand santizer (lots of hand shakes and cheek kisses), iPhone charger, snacks (there is often no time to eat between events), and Band-aids for the potential blisters I would have from walking around in heels all day. Plus, its shoulder strap is key because I can take pictures with one hand and have a drink in the other.”


Liz, Sr. Copywriter:

“The Forget Paris Blouse is deceptively easy piece, this pretty little top can be tucked into high-waisted jeans and worn with an oversize tuxedo jacket. And it still looks cute when the jacket has to come off because it got waaaaay too hot packed in a small space, watching a show!”

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Thursday, February 7, 2013 California Dreaming: We Left Our Hearts in San Francisco

IMG_1856 2

Three of our very own (and a little dog named Dirt) headed north to get in touch with their freewheeling San Francisco roots, traipsing through the city they’ve all called home at different times in their lives. And just like a dream, as soon as they crossed over the Bay Bridge, it was as if they’d never left. The trio had just enough time to hit up some of their all-time favorite spots, stumbling upon some new ones along the way. Ready to go for a ride?



“As soon as we hit the road, we took a wrong turn (of course!) and ended up at the raddest farm just off the highway–complete with a little pony and the most insane treehouse!”


“When we got into the city, we had to indulge in an espresso and banana cream pie at the famous Tartine. Oh, how we’ve missed you!”


“Next, we darted off to visit some of our favorite vintage shops to dig for buried treasures.”


“Bar Crudo was the perfect place to unwind after a day of walking all around town – so glad we packed some comfortable heels!”



“Next stop? Drinks, naturally. We sipped on yummy rum concoctions at the wonderfully kitschy Smuggler’s Cove.”


“We had to hit up some of our favorite dance nights in the city, so we headed to The Stud for an amazing drag show (yes, those are pizza costumes) followed by the most fun dance party ever.”


“Before we knew it, it was time to head back to lovely La-La Land. And, of course, we totally took another wrong turn on the long (but beautiful) way back.”


“We left our hearts in San Francisco, so we’ll be back super soon to pick ‘em up!”

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Thursday, January 17, 2013 California Dreaming: Too Cool for Pool


 You have all these amazing swimsuits and bikinis… yet it’s nowhere near time to head to the beach for a splash. We talked with our stylist extraordinaire Ashley Glorioso for some tips to get the most mileage out of your swimwear.

What are the best transitional pieces for in and out of water?

I love all the suits by Minimale Animale, and they’re super versatile so you’re getting the most for your money. Hop outta the pool with the Jane Fonda bikini, throw onthese high-waisted bad boys, and you got a cute little mesh crop top to walk around in… not to mention an awesome fishnet tan!

22136.0.zoom 23338.0.zoom

How’s it possible to wear a suit or bikini on dry land without looking like you’re heading to the pool?

I think bathing suits are really good layering pieces under sheer things. For instance, take the slip out of this little baby and throw this guy underneath. If you want a tonal sort of Boho look, step into some slouchy brown boots and a couple long necklaces and you’re out!

22682.0.zoom 22134.0.zoom

 If you wanna go a little grunge (which is always good with me) take the same Viva Maria Dress, throw this suit on underneath (and don’t forget the bottom), put on your favorite dirty old grunge boots (I really love these Harness Boots) and a big ol’ stack of bracelets, plus rings on every finger. Add a pair of Vanish Shades and you’re ready to prowl the town!

18995.0.zoom 22496.0.zoom
22074.0.zoom 22691.0.zoom

Can a cover-up ever double as a dress or kimono-type deal or is that a no-go?

For sure! I hate rules when it comes to fashion. If you want to wear underwear as pants, go for it. If it were sweat-mustache hot out, and I was hanging by the beach having a libation in the sun, I would totally wear the Kate Moss Bikini sans top with the Slashed Tee, sleeves rolled up, and some eff-you grunge boots. if you don’t want to show your cheeks to the world, throw a sweatshirt around your waist, and voila! covered in all the right places.

22135.0.zoom 16413.0.zoom

How can you have a “look” on the beach without looking like you totally planned it out and are waaay overdone?

I think confidence answers this question. If you wanna wear jewelry to the beach, pile it on and wear it out! Ignore the stink eye and be like, “Yeah, I have necklaces on at the beach, what?!” I mean, Rihanna does it and looks flyyyyy so why can’t you?


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