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Monday, December 10, 2012 California Dreaming: Party All The Time

It’s holiday time, which means the parties officially start going into full swing right… now! We asked some of our favorite DJs and musicians (aka professional party people) for their tips on making each night the time of your life.

A Club Called Rhonda:

“Nobody goes out to hide. Be sure to shine. The higher the heel, the closer to Goddess. If you have to argue with the door girl, you wore the wrong outfit.”

Mykki Blanco:

“How heavy the bass is makes the party.”


Jimi Hey:

“Make sure the DJ plays records instead of any digital format. Records sound better. That round soundwave is a more holistic shape that is more in sync with nature than the square wave of digitalia. Our cells are circles, not squares.”

Hunx from Hunx and His Punx:

“If you’re looking to get your freak on at a party but are having a difficult time making this a reality, consider wearing your worst pair of underwear under your outfit. Whenever I do this, I always seem to hit the jackpot.”

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Friday, November 30, 2012 California Dreaming: Working For The Weekend

Between all the family time and parties, December goes by so fast. Here’s what some of us have planned for the very first weekend, the last one we’ll probably have to ourselves before all the holiday madness starts to kick in!

Martine, Web Designer:

“My best friend is in town so we’re going on the TMZ tour tomorrow, then we plan on eating our way through the greater Los Angeles area.”

Saga,  Merchandising Assistant:

“Spending the rainy weekend indoors being cozy – watching movies, baking and ordering in. First movies in the queue: Virgin Suicides and Brick.”

Sophia, Project Manager:

“I can’t wait to go to the Korean Spa with my sisters–time for a good seasonal scrub!”

Simone, Merchandising Assistant:

“Estate sale-ing with friends, checking out the Kubrick exhibit at LACMA and dinner at Mo-Chica!”

Kailtyn, Sr. PR Manager:

“I’m going to see Ms. Lauryn Hill and Nas at the Wiltern… ‘If I Ruled The World’ indeed!”

Liz, Sr. Copywriter: 

“I’m checking out Cinefamily’s ‘Beats on Film‘ programming, about the cool bohemian hepcats who created counter-culture in the 1950s.”

Katie, Assistant Retoucher

“I’m going to this event downtown called Unique LA with my best friend to try and find Christmas presents and cute trinkets for my house!”

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012 California Dreaming: Giving Thanks… and Other Plans!

Gushing with gratitude may be first on our lists this time of year, but it’s not the only thing we’ve got planned. As we gathered ’round pumpkin pie and pumpkin lattes (seriously!) we got to talking about what else we’ve got going on over this long weekend…

Soozie, Asst. Designer: 
“This Thanksgiving I’ll be shamelessly stuffing my face and eating as much as I can before starting a juice cleanse and pole dancing classes that following week with some Nasty Gals! My cousin also just got engaged so we’ll all probably be drooling over her ring and simultaneously eating our emotions.”

Alex, Production Coordinator: “Going up to my boyfriend’s small farm town in Washington to meet his family for the first time! Will consist of playing in the snow and riding ATVs!  – damn i made that sound so romantic!”

Liz, Sr. Copywriter: “After dinner with my sweetheart’s family, I’m heading out to a small town right outside Palm Springs, where the locals are total characters and the mountains are hiding ancient shamanic caves.”
Dee, Asst. Apparel Designer: “This Thanksgiving I’m celebrating my quarter of a century on this planet! It’s turkey with a side of B-day cake for me.”
Sarah, Art Director: “Blowing up an air mattress and watching Home Alone with my buddies.”

Isabella, Social Media Associate: “Baking pumpkin pie with my mom and then a French feast at Taix. I’m wearing a long sheer dress and gold eyeliner.”

Nicki, Front Desk Coordinator: “My Thanksgiving plans are to stick to my see food diet–if I see food, I’m going to eat it. Not too many details because it’s seriously just about eating food that other people have lovingly and painstakingly made, and about going to Black Friday sales at the stroke of midnight. You can see where my priorities lie… Sorry Mom!”
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012 California Dreaming: Livin’ for Outerwear

There are so many shades of cold in winter that just one coat won’t do! We’re on your side when it comes to change–and right now we’re taking 30% off all outerwear. Here are some of our favorites.

Dee, Asst. Apparel Designer – The Color Block Wool Coat is such a rad take on the classic moto, and I love the bright pop of color!”

Courtney, Site Merchandiser – “Loving the Off Duty Anorak–already purchased and it’s a new favorite in the rotation.”

Madison, Jr. Copywriter - “The Cruella Faux Fur Coat is the essential faux fur…and totally reminds me of Margot Tenenbaum ♥.”

Nicki, Front Desk Coordinator – The Plaid Drape Jacket is perfectly fashionable yet functional, doubling its use as an awesomely autumnal picnic blanket to lay upon when I take myself on a romantic self-date at the cemetery to write gothic poetry. What, you don’t do this come winter time too?”

Liz, Sr. Copywriter –  “The Fantasy Faux Fur Coat  looks like it’s made of unicorn fur! For rare creatures only.”

Alex, Production Coordinator –  “This one, the Lifting Me Crop Jacket!! I love its Parker Posey Party Girl vibe and poodle sleeves–a good LA winter jacket because it’s cropped.”

Culture Shock > California Dreaming > Livin’ for Outerwear

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 California Dreaming: On Our Wish Lists

Nothing gets us more in the mood for the holidays than making up our holiday wish lists. Oh, you’re supposed to be thinking of presents for other people? Oops! Here’s everything our staff would love to get our hands on for ourselves…

Soozie – Assistant Designer Rock Candy Shorts
“Perfect for standing out on New Year’s, not wearing a predictable sequin dress! And perfect for a glitzy birthday outfit too. I’m saving this baby for mine in May!”

Saga – Merchandise Assistant Soiree Platform
“Love this shoe for the holidays! Such a great pop of color to make any outfit party worthy … and even better because it can stay in your wardrobe all the way through summer. “

Rosa – Fashion Content Editor Midnight Rose Crown
“Part of my style plan for this season is to wear more head pieces. I’m starting with headbands and am working my way up to this!”

Liz – Sr. Copy Writer Liz Sequin Shorts
“It’s not just the name–the color, the cut, the dazzle… everything about these shorts says shameless and that’s exactly what I am when I’m going out for the night!”

Dee – Assistant. Apparel Designer Take Me Out Dress 
“This is my favorite piece we made for collection. It’s made out of an awesome foam that stands up on its own and fits like a dream!”

Nicki – Front Desk Coordinator Spectrum Moto Jeans
“Such fantastic rainbow sorbet jeans… here’s to wearing all your sweet, sweet memories of summer on your pants!”

Kaitlyn – Sr. PR Manager Nine Lives Knit Cardi
“Truth be told, I’m obsessed with anything leopard. This slightly oversize, super cozy cardigan will be a staple in my cold weather wardrobe.”

Lisa – Junior Buyer  Union Jack Moto Jacket 
“Still feelin’ all that British mod.”

Martine – Web Designer Luster Blouse
“Because it’s a ‘minimum effort, maximum output’ piece. Fits with my avant-lazy look.”

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