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Thursday, June 13, 2013 Globetrotter: NYane and Mpho’s Guide to London


NYane and Mpho point us to their favorite places in London.

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Monday, April 15, 2013 Globetrotter: Return To Oz


We hit the streets at Australian Fashion Week to get a sneak peek of the wonderful wackiness coming from Down Under. Here’s a glimpse of the awesomeness that ensued.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013 Globetrotter: Zippora Seven’s Sydney Guide


Zippora Seven is one of a rare breed of models that transcends on-page adoration and prompts “fuckyeah” tumblrs devoted to their personal style and uniquely awesome ways. We’re not immune from Zippy love either—so, we asked the Auckland-born, Sydney-dwelling babe where we’re likely to run into her if we, say, happen to be in Sydney.

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Monday, March 11, 2013 Globetrotter: Glimmer Twins – Alexandra Richards & Nicole Vitagliano


Between Insta-stalking and manic Twitter refreshing, we get our vicarious fill of the glittering classes’ fashion week antics. But no one does it quite like our girls—that’s ultra rad stylist Nicole Vitagliano and that most beautiful of Stones spawns, Alexandra Richards. We asked the two coolest BFFs we know to document their time at Paris Fashion Week, and what we got back was a awesomely voyeuristic view of their glamorously ragtag world. Sashaying past super models looking for entry to Carine Roitfeld’s CR launch party? Run-ins with gap-toothed, megawatt model Ashley Smith? Flowers sent from Ferragamo. What about sick clothes straight off the pages of Nasty Gal? It’s all in a week’s work for this pair. Here, a major gawk at their #PFW adventures.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013 Globetrotter: From Berlin & Paris With Love

photo 3

Our buyers Christina and Camilla take us behind the scenes of their adventures in Berlin and Paris. The two California girls brave the snowy streets for some shopping, snacks, and the coolest vending machine ever.

photo 3_2

photo 4_1

photo 2_3

 ”Christina at Oliv (our favorite breakfast spot in Mitte).”

photo 3_3

“Homemade muesli, fruit and yogurt… so delicious I had to take a close up.”

photo 5_2

“German treats!”

photo 4_3

“The scene at Bread and Butter trade show.”


“Um, is this the ladies’ or mens’ room?”




“A nail polish vending machine. Can we have one in the office? Pretty please?”


“Cute Swedish girls who freaked out that we were from Nasty Gal.”


“Cool American Doritos – feels just like home!”

photo 2_2

“Christina freezing her buns off…”

photo 1_2

“Insane cab line outside of Premium. Aufwiedersehen Berlin.”


“White on white.”


“Bonjour Paris!”


“Camilla shaking in the snow.”

photo 1

“Trying to get unlost in Paris…”

photo 2

“On the walk to Colette.”


“We miss California!”

photo 4

“Chez Fernand. Yummy wine and French comfort food.”

photo 5

“A room with a view. Paris, we love you!”

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