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Thursday, January 24, 2013 Globetrotter: Tanja Siren


Tanja Siren is a former model, and there’s no doubt she’s still a muse. She writes poetry and prose that is as light and ethereal as her feather blond hair, which always seems to frame her face exactly like a halo. Not limited to just one medium, her creativity spans across film projects as well, such as this dark and dreamy music video, Ácido! which feels like a Lynchian “Picnic at Hanging Rock.” A self-proclaimed “polyvalent artist, auteur and filmmaker,” she’s a force to be reckoned with in any atmosphere!

Don’t burst your bubble
Don’t burst your bubble
Don’t burst your bubble
Or you’re in trouble



I see language as a kind of “thoughtscape,” a landscape of one’s mind. My work revolves around the continuous redefining and reshaping process, seclusion and the lack of “other.”

Like all that is art, poetry structures these concepts, while the detached dilly-dallying allows the soul to remain intact and at liberty.


Our rooftop at another cold nightfall. I’m wearing the reindeer Hugo brought from Lapland when visiting my country, Finland.


This is a film still from Ácido!, a moving photography of all that can be seen, perceived or imagined, but little understood in this ready world. An elegy to girls and kittens, it’s a 13-minute music film starring Olympia Spanou–she if anyone knows how to be outside of things.


 At one of my favorite restaurants next to my house, Ruben & Carla, founded by a dear friend Ehud and the gang at Linienstrasse in Mitte, Berlin. I love the people and the fries! And I warmly recommend the pastrami.

Photo by Hugo Capablanca

 At the concert of Heatsick with a post-orgasmic hairstyle, fully immersed in our culture of self-dramatization in Berlin.


At the club Flamingo in Mitte with Hugo Capablanca, during one of his Discos Capablanca Nights


Me, by Stephan Ziehen

At this shoot in Berlin the photo assistants spent the whole morning writing my texts on these rolls of paper, wrapping me into an Inland Empire scenario. Pleasantly eerie.


This one of the cats we found. We named her Schrödinger. She isn’t actually any smaller than a horse, just keeps herself farther away, so it seems she is tiny. Schrödie is at once dead and alive. Perhaps the curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought her back.


A self-portrait taken at my birthplace next to our horse stables deep in the Finnish forest, full of uncollected thoughts.


Here’s the view from our bedroom window at sundown, our preferred hideout in Andalucia. Not telling where, exactly! That’s the point of a hideout.

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Monday, August 20, 2012 Globetrotter: Our Favorite Spots In NYC

With our Fashion Week launch party on the horizon, talk around Nasty Gal HQ has turned to the stuff we have to do while we’re there. Luckily, we have some NYC insiders on our team who gave us the skinny on some of their favorite spots in the City That Never Sleeps.

Union Pool: ”For late nights, whiskey shots and the hot dudes who buy them for you.”


Mission Chinese Food: ”One of our favorite SF restaurants finally opened a spot in NYC! It’s some of the yummiest, spiciest food ever, it’s super cheap and they donate 75 cents from each entree to the Food Bank. Make sure to get the Salt Cod Fried Rice and show up either super early or really late if you want to get a table.”


El Sombrero: “This LES institution is famous for their wicked strong margaritas, annnd you can get them to go. Just saying.”


Jun Hair Salon: ”For an awesome blonde dye job on the cheap, and an even cheaper hair cut.”


Cafe Gitane: “People watching at The Jane’s cafe is almost as delicious as their famed avocado toast.”


Battery Park: “You may have to battle through groups of tourists, but it’s still one of the greatest places to take in views of the Manhattan skyline, waterfront, and Statue Of Liberty.”


The Duplex: ”This old school piano bar and cabaret theatre in West Village has the best drunken singalongs EVER. Trust.”

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012 Globetrotter: Desert Dreamin’ With Amanda Shoemaker

It’s impossible to define Amanda Shoemaker, and that’s just the way she likes it. We were instantly hooked when we first discovered her blog, One Of Each, where the Scottsdale-based blogger documents her ever-changing style and hair color along with inspiring DIY projects. She’s a true Southwest native with an enviable collection of denim, moccasins, and gemstones – the latter of which she turns into one-of-a-kind necklaces and rings for her line, GEMEG Jewelry. You know, when she’s not busy working as an Art Director or going on impromptu desert adventures with her husband and BFFs. Ready to go for a ride?

“These are some of my favorite rings that I found in Tombstone, Arizona on a road trip. The tattoo is a design I made as the logo for my jewelry line. I loved the geometric design so thought, ‘What the heck? Tattoo time!’”

“This is my husband, Aaron. He’s the love of my life. We went to the Pacific Northwest for our first anniversary last year, and this was taken right before our near-death kayaking experience.”

“I love going to northern Arizona in the summer to escape the heat. Sedona, Jerome and Flagstaff are a few of my favorites. These are two shots I got at the Grand Canyon a few years ago. Pretty incredible, no?”

“Here are a few of my precious gemstones. I’ve had a thing with collecting stones ever since I was a child. I would pick out the most lovely rocks from my front yard, put them in tiny Dixie cups, and go door to door in my neighborhood selling “cups of rocks” for fifty cents. A creative saleswoman at heart, I guess. My favorite are the Chalcopyrite or Peacock Ore on the right. They come in all sorts of teal and purple hues.”

“I also have a thing for collecting moccasins. Lucky for me, you can easily find them all over Arizona.”

“My best friend Annie and I are always getting into trouble. We drove up to Flagstaff last weekend on a spur-of-the-moment trip. When we arrived, we began our search for a place to crash for the night and ended up at the Motel Du Beau. It was quite the experience, being my first time staying at a hostel.”

“Annie beat me at our ‘Who can tie the cherry stem with their tongue the fastest?’ game.”

“There’s nothing like the views in Arizona. My favorite!”

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Monday, July 9, 2012 Globetrotter: Adventures In Portland With Olivia Bee

Welcome to the wonderful world of Olivia Bee. The darling 18-year-old Portland photographer is living the teenage dream with snapshots to prove it, whether she’s on a road trip down the coast or dancing all night at house parties that you thought only existed in ’90s teen movies. Inspired by gritty candids from the likes of Terry Richardson and Robert Mapplethorpe, Olivia’s hazy, dreamlike images have been featured in campaigns for Converse and Nike along with editorials in RookieVice and The New York Times Magazine. Take a glimpse through the lens of the girl everyone’s buzzing about.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012 Globetrotter: Life In The Fast Lane With Lilli Millhiser

Meet Lilli, a New York girl living the dream working alongside celeb stylist, Kate Young. Wow. When she’s not busy finding red carpet gowns for the likes of Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams, she’s out enjoying the Big Apple to the fullest. Just when you thought she couldn’t get cooler, her brother Nick is half of electropop duo, HOLY GHOST! Here’s a glimpse into the fashionable and fast life of Lilli.

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