Summertime And The Drankin’ Is Easy


Pour up, drank. Head shot, drank. Though our ideal summer would involve soaking up the sun in Tahiti, drinking umbrella cocktails, and getting fanned by some really buff babe, the reality is that we’ll probably have to stick to our inflatable pools and DIY drinks. But hey, we’re not complaining—especially since we’re going to show you how to upgrade your hunch-punch-red-plastic-cup situation with these easy (and delicious) cocktails. A few sips of these babies and you’ll feel like a beach bum in no time. —Zarna Surti, Junior Fashion Copywriter

Photos by Stephanie Gonot

Lunches: With Mae Whitman And Rachel Antonoff



I want to introduce this new thing I’m doing for the blog, except it’s nothing special at all. I’m just eating with my friends and that seems totally normal, but these days we’re Instagramming snacks with 3 ingredients like we’re trying to make it on Top Chef, so this just seemed like the next (techno)logical step. Why? Because my friends are blog worthy, and they’re a lot cooler than I am. I mean, I’m totally partial because these happen to be some of my favorite humans but, hell, they’re just the best. I promise the rest of these won’t have a long drawn-out intro, but I just wanted to lay the framework. They pick the restaurant, and I pick the topic. Pretty easy, right? OK, cool. So without further ado, I present the first edition of Lunches: Rachel Antonoff and Mae Whitman. The topics: ratchet shit and splurges.

A Sugar Lover’s Guide To Halloween


Sure, Halloween may be about over-the-top costumes and killer parties, but when push comes to shove, we all know what makes the holiday really go round—candy. Trick-or-treating may be so ten years ago, but, honestly, for me candy never went away. In fact, I actually consider myself a sweets expert of sorts. I grew up in a Whole Foods-obsessed family (which I thought was the stupidest thing ever until last year), and my favorite part about playdates with friends was the other families’ pantries (usually filled with the forbidden high-fructose corn syrup). This progressed into taking a serious interest in old fashioned candy in 4th grade, which made me pretttty well-versed in the sugarsphere throughout the ages. In order to properly celebrate the holiday (and the most important meal of the day), I headed to Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy store near UCLA (where I live!) and picked out all my favorites from various times in my life. Interestingly, some of my old go-tos are no longer on my good list (hands up for growing up!), but two things have stayed the same: Rolos are still my number one, and weird-flavored Jelly Beans are forever on my shit list. Get excited for the best holiday of the year! —Marissa Klurstein

Saga’s Sweetness: 4th of July

saga 4 saga 3

It’s all red, white and blueberries at Nasty Gal HQ. Our assistant vintage buyer (and resident pastry chef) Saga is known for whipping up gorgeous and insanely tasty treats, so we asked her to make something that’s as pretty as it is patriotic. Bonus: This is super easy and will earn you way more accolades than a boring old pan of brownies. Now bring on the BBQs!

Photographs by Felisha Tolentino

Pastel Candyland


Pretty pastels sure do go down easy. While we’re busy cloaking ourself in desaturated duds, we may or may not also be snacking on a couple sweets and treats to match. Pastel on the inside and out—totally.