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Wednesday, May 1, 2013 NOM NOM NOM: Sugar High


We never stay in the same place for long—especially when it comes to our sartorial inclinations. And so while last week we were preaching the ways of a squeaky-clean, wonderfully sophisticated all white look, now we’re backlashing into a full on, extra weird summertime rainbow daze. Inspired by the full psychedelic spectrum of these trippy homemade lollipops, we’re opting to wear all the colors, all at once. Our Keep It Weird Shop‘s got all the goods; so suit up, act strange—and don’t forget to post it on Instagram.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013 NOM NOM NOM: Sweet Treats

Indulging our sweetheart and our sweet tooth at the same time? That’s shooting two lovebirds with one cupid’s arrow, right? There’s nothing we adore more than these almost-too-cute-to-eat heart-shaped treats. Whether you plan on baking or buying, prepare to make your lives that much sweeter.






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Wednesday, January 23, 2013 NOM NOM NOM: Get Your Mac On


Made in every hue known to woman, the charmingly delicious macaron is the ultimate accessory of desserts. Inspired by model Cora Keegan in our latest lookbook, we want to do nothing more than lounge around eating these airy, creamy French pastries–the definition of decadence.



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Tuesday, September 18, 2012 NOM NOM NOM: Thanks to Rainbows

If you’re lucky enough to live southward, you’ve got pulsating, prehistoric bounties of all manner of fruits and vegetables freaking out and available to you year-round. It’s probably literally falling heavy and juicy and ripe from trees all around, as you skip down the streets with perfectly pink cheeks and wispy ocean hair, doing salt tricks in the sun, a shell in your pocket, a flower in your tresses. Pin a beautiful red rose on your cute little nose for that! For the rest of us though, about now is what we call harvest time, and basically we get to pretend we are sunshine coast citizens for about a month. It’s beginning to wind down now, so I wanted to just take this moment to acknowledge and bid farewell to another year of the beautiful sunshine rainbow of summer (edible, and otherwise).

bean spiral by julia kennedy

bounty by julia kennedy

eyes flowers by julia kennedy

tomato sandwiches by julia kennedy

scattered by julia kennedy

no regrets coyote by julia kennedy

rainbow lunch by julia kennedy


tomato blanket by julia kennedy

peaches by julia kennedy

table psychedelic by julia kennedy

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012 NOM NOM NOM: Berry Cool

It’s no secret that we’ve been crushing hard on juicy hues from raspberry to blackberry and everything in between. Whether with violet eyes, freshly stained lips, vibrant locks or monochromatic looks, we’re letting purple reign this season.

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