Road Trippin’

Since we finally have our Coachella Valley outfits planned out, it’s time to start making mixtapes for the road trip. Here’s what our assistant stylist, Nick, will be blasting to get psyched for a weekend of dancing along to his favorite bands in the desert.

Nick, Our Assistant Stylist’s Fave Tunes

The studio is always blasting music and dancing around during photo shoots, playing everything from nostalgic ’90s jams to the most obscure band you’ve never heard of. We usually find ourselves asking what they’re listening to, so we wanted to share the goodness. Here’s what our assistant stylist, Nick, currently has on repeat.

Dum Dum Girls

Full confession: I am beyond obsessed with girl group bands. From the Shangri-Las to Veruca Salt to En Vogue to the’s, there’s just something about all-female groups that sparks my inner “girl power” a la Baby Spice (side note: my fave was Posh but now that she’s Victoria Beckham, it’s just weird). And yes,