Mr. Little Jeans

First known for her dub-stepped interpretation of Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs,” Mr. Little Jeans has since won over fans with her dreamy, dancey music, and her cover of “Single Ladies” didn’t hurt, either. Her new single, “Oh Sailor” (and its accompanying music video) has us lost in a world of kaleidoscopic, cosmic genius. We got a chance to catch up with the Norway native, who has since relocated to L.A., after she DJ’d our No Bummer Summer party while simultaneously keeping the dance floor packed and trying to stay out of the sun.

U.S. of Nasty


On this too-hot-to-stop Independence Day, I stand for the right to wade under palm trees while wearing some stars and stripes and clutching a cold can of premium American Beer.  So you, too, can let freedom ring with this mixtape that I hereby dedicate to the patriotic babe who just wants to party.  Because, as Cher Horowitz puts it, ‘… may I please remind you it does not say R.S.V.P. on the Statue of Liberty. Thank you very much.’ Happy 4th of July! -Cat Roif

School’s Out For. Ever.

Throw it all towards the sky: your notebooks, your graduation cap — hell, maybe even your gown — to celebrate the end of school and the beginning of a long, hot summer ahead. Here, our seriously superlative brainy day graduation soundtrack.

Random Access Memories

Climb aboard Daft Punk’s sonic starship as the futuristic duo unveil a mix of throwback grooves and trippy dance tracks with their latest album Random Access Memories.  It almost serves as a f*ck you to the overindulged electronic sounds on blast at clubs by revisiting the beginnings of disco, paying homage to legend Giorgio Morodor (the mastermind writer/producer behind Donna Summer, Bowie and Debbie Harry classics to name a few). Throw in one particularly addictive ’70s-influenced beat from Pharrell, appropriately titled Get Lucky, into the mix for a time-traveling journey that spans from early funk and disco to dance tracks infused with rock, pop and house. Though the album officially drops 5/21, you can stream it on iTunes now, so get ready to break out the glitter platforms and we’ll meet you on the dance floor…

Beach Vibes

You’re beach bag’s not quite packed until you’ve got the proper tunes in tow. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered in both departments. Here: Our endless summer beach playlist.

She’s A Lady


Nicole Wray and Terri Walker, the soulful songbirds behind Lady, aren’t exactly new to the scene—even if their group would be found squarely in the “emerging” category. But these two have been working—by which they mean exercising those pitch perfect vocal chords—in the industry for years with the likes of Missy Elliot, The Black Keys and Mos Def to name a few. With this new project, produced and released by Williamsburg’s Truth and Soul Records, Lady’s poised to make some major waves with their own style of completely fresh, dance floor-ready, soul R&B.

Dance, dance, dance with Girls Girls Girls


Way back in September of last year, we asked Parisian DJ Louise Chen to fill the big hole in our heart the way that only a proper playlist can. She helped us out and we never forgot her generosity, so we made sure to keep tabs on her—and more specifically her latest venture Girls, Girls, Girls—in the latest issue of SUPER NASTY.

Since we know you are extra on your shit, you’ve probably already devoured the magazine. Maybe even twice. So you also are likely well-familiarized with the Parisian DJ duo Girls Girls Girls, who have sparked a sometimes-throwback, sometimes-guilty pleasure listening and dancing party that have us looking for transatlantic fares on the regular. Until the next fare sale, though, we’re content with this especially awesome (and sort of cathartic?) mixtape. Get some friends, turn it up loud and get ready to DANCE!

L.A. Represent!

Our fair city is a sonic ghost town, as all our musical talents are too busy blowing up Austin to keep the light on here at home. Here, just a few of our favorite local bands who are in the process of showing SXSW how we do things out in Los Angeles.