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Do people still say ‘girl crush’ anymore? Well, we don’t care, because Rachael Finley is our girl crush and we’re proud of it. She recently let us into the house that she shares with her “good dude” and showed us around and let us ask a lot of probably annoying questions about all of her really cool stuff. Don’t worry Rachael, we didn’t steal anything. Promise.

Photos by Felisha Tolentino

Introducing Steak Anderson



Oh, hey: Meet Rachael Finley, aka, Steaktooth. We like her style, her sense of humor, and how she spends her free time (making lists and drinking wine), so we tapped her to be our newest guest blogger. This is her first dispatch.

See, I’m new here. And while I have no doubt in my mind that pretty soon we’re all going to be vibing really well, first posts are scary. First anythings are scary, but we can get to that in a month or something. I was kind of struggling between a good intro about who I “am” or defaulting to my norm of making a bunch of cool lists or tiptoeing around, in, and directly on the nose of painfully awkward issues that happen over on my other blog. And that’s when this happened:

Inside In, Inside Out


Fabliha and Tasfia Reza are the 20-year-old Australian twins behind Inside In, Inside Out. Science students by day, the twins use their blog as an in-your-face creative outlet. Their look is experimental, combining mixed prints with bold color. Fabliha describes her style as “whimsical and quirky” while she says her sister’s style is “edgier, with cleaner lines and more monochromatic and neutral” pieces. Their blog is about more than just style, though. They love cooking and traveling (they’ve recently been to Spain, France, and Turkey, amongst other places) too, and integrate it all into their dizzingly colorful (in a good way) blog.

Twin Fashion by Nef & Nat


Twinfashion‘s Nef & Nat are Nefeli and Natalia, two Athens, Greece, based sisters who’ve been blogging about their style and their travels for the past two and a half years. In addition to blogging,  Nat is currently the Digital Media Director at Sugarfree and Nefeli as a stylist, frequently working in Sweden. These girls are seriously on the go, and cite travel as their first love, a trait they inherited from their parents. Therefore, it’s no surprise that their style is a mix of sporty and sophisticated—addition to heels and crop tops, the sisters love sneakers and cut-offs, and are rarely seen without their almost-signature sunnies.

NYane and Mpho, Part I

_DSC8857 _DSC8825(1) (1)

NYane and Mpho are 19 year-old twins living in Southampton, England. To say that we’re obsessed is an understatement. Mpho is a university student studying fashion buying and design, and NYane is a designer and model. They cite fashion’s original twin-set, Mary-Kate and Ashley, as their main inspiration. “Their style shows a slight differentiation, but they still complement each other,” NYane says of the Olsens. “Each of our personal styles reflect our personalities and lifestyles. Mpho dresses more relaxed, with a mash-up of oversized pieces, wide-brim fedoras and masses of jewelry. She’s more of a gig and festival go-fer.” NYane wears more bold and sculptured, statement pieces. She’s more of a risk-taker with a loud personality, and frequently changes her look to suit her mood,” Mpho says. In these photos, they’re wearing several clear pieces, one of our favorite trends for summer. The twins hope to have their own line of clothing someday, and we hope they do too!

DylanLex’s Silver & Gold


Drew from DylanLex has a pretty insane talent for layering beautiful masses of metal jewelry, and since we’ve been into mixing silver and gold as of late, we asked her to do the same. Surprisingly, she said it was a bit of a challenge. “To be honest I dont usually mix gold and silver. I go hard with all silver!” she says. “But this was fun project! My grandmother, who I inherited my jewelry-hoarding gene from, has a ton of vintage gold pieces and she always laughs that I only wear silver. Glad you asked me to do this, because now I have an excuse to raid her closet.”

How Two Live


From weekend shopping trips to joint hair appointments, we do pretty much everything as a twosome. So when Stef set off for six months of studying French and croissant eating in Paris, we wanted a way to continue sharing our lives from across the globe. Enter How Two Live, a blog where we began documenting our daily adventures, café finds, and latest wardrobe additions. 11 months later, and our online diary has led to a year of international fashion weeks, collaborations with some killer designers, and a whole lot of matching outfits.

Épique Moi

NG copy

Anthea Lau is the adorable Sydney-based blogger behind épique moi, a dizzying visual diary of her runway romps and eclectic personal style. Here, she shows us some love by putting her own kaleidoscopic twist on a few of our latest lookbook images (we’re currently on the hunt for frames BTW) and even plays dress up in head-to-toe Nasty Gal. All we can say is, the feeling’s mutual.

Dive In With Part Nouveau

Comparison 2

Since we’re constantly searching for vintage treasures and looking to the past for design inspiration, it’s only natural that it was love at first click when we laid eyes on Lilah Ramzi’s blog, Part Nouveau. The fashion history buff explores the cyclical nature of fashion by juxtaposing modern styles with their past incarnations, whether it be ’70s Rudi Gernreich reimagined as a strapped pentagram swimsuit or Guy Bourdin-inspired snaps through Terry Richardson’s lens. As we’re gearing up for some hot fun in the summertime, we asked Lilah to school us on the history of the bikini and a few of our suit’s past lives.

Neoprene Dream Team


Stylists Ingrid Kesa & Hayley Morgan met back in the MySpace days and have been gaining major attention ever since. The duo behind you and me recently put their too-cool-for-school spin on our Spring ’13 Collection for Aussie mag, Oyster, and we’re totally feeling their flare for teen nostalgia and the “unselfconscious” ease of girls ditching class in their ex-boyfriend’s t-shirt. Here, they give us a glimpse into their inspiration and the pieces they can’t wait to wear.