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Monday, November 25, 2013 Guest Edit: Lunches: With Mae Whitman And Rachel Antonoff



I want to introduce this new thing I’m doing for the blog, except it’s nothing special at all. I’m just eating with my friends and that seems totally normal, but these days we’re Instagramming snacks with 3 ingredients like we’re trying to make it on Top Chef, so this just seemed like the next (techno)logical step. Why? Because my friends are blog worthy, and they’re a lot cooler than I am. I mean, I’m totally partial because these happen to be some of my favorite humans but, hell, they’re just the best. I promise the rest of these won’t have a long drawn-out intro, but I just wanted to lay the framework. They pick the restaurant, and I pick the topic. Pretty easy, right? OK, cool. So without further ado, I present the first edition of Lunches: Rachel Antonoff and Mae Whitman. The topics: ratchet shit and splurges.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013 Guest Edit: Ingrid Kesa Hangs With Laura Bannister

Hello Tomorrow Gif


Laura Bannister and I first met at university. Back then I didn’t know much about her, except for the fact that she had the most fun clothes ever. She’d arrive at lectures wearing fur, fringe and fluro—it’s hardly a surprise that I found it difficult to concentrate in class. Since then, we’ve become pretty good pals (our first significant bonding session involved vodka and dancing like orchestral conductors), and I can confidently say that Laura is one of the greatest humans you’ll meet. At just 24, Laura has already collected a lifetime’s worth of Adidas—oh, and she started her own magazine called BRACE, which she co-edits from Sydney with her BFF Rosie Dalton, who is based in New York. So, we decided to play dress up one summer afternoon in Sydney’s secret gardens and talk all-things fashion.

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Monday, November 18, 2013 Guest Edit: White Eyeliner, Two Ways


Love Aesthetics x Nastygal white eyeliner 01

Ivania Carpio of Love Aesthetics shows us how to wear white eyeliner in two totally fresh ways.

“I like things that are as radical as they are simplistic, like a single solid line as opposed to a perfectly-blended eyeshadow. Here is the result of experimenting with my new opaque white eye pencil. The first is an exaggerated, square version of a winged eyeliner.”

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013 Guest Edit: Meet The Cult: Miyako Bellizzi


We fell in love with NYC Shoe Cult Ambassador Miyako Bellizzi thanks to her badass Bettie-Page-meets-’90s-streetwear aesthetic, but more so because girl can take some dang good photos. When she’s not shooting killer fashion spreads, she does a bang-up job styling (and sometimes modeling!) for ’em—and we’ve got proof. Miyako took some Nasty Gal pieces for a spin around her East Village ’hood, and we are seriously inspired by her edgy-yet-feminine approach to our favorite fall staples.

(Shoe Cult photo by Cara Stricker; others by Natalia Mantini)

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Thursday, October 24, 2013 Guest Edit: Halloweenie Makeup With Steaktooth



Just when I thought I was done slathering foundation all over my face for the sake of blogging, makeup artist Alana Dawn hit me up to try out some Halloween looks. Since I only got a whopping five zits from what happened after our last hang out (my fault—I have sensitive skin), I figured, “Why the hell not? What else am I doing?” (The answer: nothing, really.) Annnd, because I love multi-tasking, I tricked one of my besties into a hangout session where I also exploited her free time by tempting her over with chocolate donut-flavored coffee only to have her run out the door on the way to work still scrubbing anime makeup off her eyes. So, if you’re still stumped on what wear this Halloween, here are my two new favorite looks that really only require rubbing glue stick on your eyebrows and some $20 contact lenses to set them off.

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Features And Shoots > Guest Edit > Halloweenie Makeup With Steaktooth
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