DylanLex’s Silver & Gold

Drew from DylanLex has a pretty insane talent for layering beautiful masses of metal jewelry, and since we’ve been into mixing silver and gold as of late, we asked her to do the same. Surprisingly, she said it was a bit of a challenge. “To be honest I dont usually mix gold and silver. I

How Two Live

From weekend shopping trips to joint hair appointments, we do pretty much everything as a twosome. So when Stef set off for six months of studying French and croissant eating in Paris, we wanted a way to continue sharing our lives from across the globe. Enter How Two Live, a blog where we began documenting

Épique Moi

Anthea Lau is the adorable Sydney-based blogger behind épique moi, a dizzying visual diary of her runway romps and eclectic personal style. Here, she shows us some love by putting her own kaleidoscopic twist on a few of our latest lookbook images (we’re currently on the hunt for frames BTW) and even plays dress up

Dive In With Part Nouveau

Since we’re constantly searching for vintage treasures and looking to the past for design inspiration, it’s only natural that it was love at first click when we laid eyes on Lilah Ramzi’s blog, Part Nouveau. The fashion history buff explores the cyclical nature of fashion by juxtaposing modern styles with their past incarnations, whether it

Neoprene Dream Team

Stylists Ingrid Kesa & Hayley Morgan met back in the MySpace days and have been gaining major attention ever since. The duo behind you and me recently put their too-cool-for-school spin on our Spring ’13 Collection for Aussie mag, Oyster, and we’re totally feeling their flare for teen nostalgia and the “unselfconscious” ease of girls ditching class in their

The West Side With Vintage Virgin

No, I’m not talking Tupac’s “West Side,” but more like Annie Oakley’s version of the wild West! The cowboy (and cowgirl) ways of fashion are making a comeback and it’s no rodeo roundup. Very subtle western trends are popping up everywhere, taking you from the farm to the streets with cowboy hats, ankle booties, dungarees, bolo

Leather or Not, Here I Come

Pleather, faux, vegan leather…whatever you’re wearing these days has come a long way since the 90s. It used to be somewhat taboo to be seen in fake leather since you could tell from a mile away that you’re wearing it. To quote Cher Horowitz, “From far away it’s okay, but up close it’s a big

Rapper’s Delight With Le Happy

During the late ’80s, rap music began taking over the scene and hip hop influences reigned supreme. The style was all about baseball caps, scarf-printed bomber jackets, baggy pants, Adidas track suits, pops of neon and heavy gold jewelry. Run DMC, Slick Rick, The Beastie Boys along with their fans served as inspiration for designers

2001: A Niki Takesh Odyssey

2001 will forever be my favorite year. Not only was it the best year in fashion, movies, tv, and music, but something about Y2K continues to intrigue and inspire me. I think people had really high expectations for the new millennium and thought that everything would become super robotic and futuristic overnight. Fashion totally evolved