Jacqueline Pak

If there’s one thing we’re really into at Nasty Gal, it’s shoes. We’re obsessed with everything from sky-high creepers to metallic stilettos, and we can thank Jacqueline Pak for helping keep our shoe game on lock. She hand selects our insanely awesome collection, and for that, we are forever thankful. Check out what she’s asking

Nicki Wong

Guys, we’re seriously going to miss Nicki Wong. When she started back in 2012, she manned the front desk and eventually snatched up a job as our Junior Fashion Copywriter. Nicki is not only a killer wordsmith, but an unending source of style inspiration—with legit modeling abilities to boot. (Here’s proof.) Since she’ll be leaving NGHQ this

Soozie Heo

If you were wondering who created all those killer Nasty Gal bodycons, crop tops, and moto jackets, you’ve gotta meet Soozie Heo.  She’s one of the many masterminds behind our self-made collections, and it’s not hard to guess which Nasty Gal pieces are her favorites. (Spoiler alert: The ones she made.)

Rachael Finley

If you guys don’t already know how much we love Rachael Finley around these parts, you have some serious catching up to do. She goes by the name Steaktooth, and she’s shared some amazingly on-point (and hilarious) words of wisdom on our blog all year long. (Highlights include thigh gaps, Remy Fox hangs, and skorts.)

Nicole Phung

Meet the mastermind behind all of our badass parties—Nasty Gal PR genius Nicole Phung. She’s not only a killer event planner, but she’s dressed to the nines on a daily basis. Check out what this Valley girl is dying to get her hands on this holiday.

Esther Kim

We can’t say enough nice things about Esther Kim. In this past year, she made our dream Emojis come to life, curated a killer K-pop playlist, and showed us just how fun applying lip foils can be. (Really, really fun!) This time around, she shares some of her 2013 highlights and, of course, everything she’s

Summer Wheaton

Interning ain’t easy, but Summer Wheaton makes it look downright effortless. She helps manage our social media in the Brand Marketing department, and on a day-to-day basis, we’re always eyeing her adorable (and on point!) personal style. Check out her holiday picks below!

Whitney Mendelsohn

Whenever we want to make some stellar crafts, we hit up our Associate Producer Whitney Mendelsohn. She does everything from water color illustrations to succulent sand art—not to mention she has killer style to boot. She curated the most amazing all-black holiday wish list perfect for the goth girl in all of us.

Katie Kempster

If you’re wondering who’s the master behind our oh-so-amazing photos here at Nasty Gal, you gotta meet Katie Kempster. She’s a bombass Photo Retoucher who is always turning heads with her seriously on-point style. We asked her to make a wish list and share it with us because, well, just look at her.

Jess And Stef Dadon

It’s Friday, which means we’re bringing you double the amount of Calendar Gals awesomeness. Aussie bloggers Jess and Stef Dadon from How Two Live are always sporting their colorful (and coordinating!) signature sister style, so we thought we’d ask ’em what they’re dying to get their hands on this holiday.