Rachael Finley

 Rachael Finley, the model and blogger behind SteakTooth and the creator of Teenage t-shirts (btw, we love every single one of her designs) looked amazing when she wore our Slick Skater Dress to the Guys Choice Awards with her guy, Blake Anderson.

Cassandra Kellogg of Minimale Animale

She rides Harleys, is a self-professed tattoo freak and doesn’t make a swimsuit you can’t surf in. We’re talking about the badass Venice Beach babe behind Minimale Animale, Cassandra Kellogg, whose vintage-inspired designs have been heating up waters from coast to coast (not to mention our latest lookbook). Inspired by iconic 80s and 90s swimwear, her curve-hugging suits

Mia Mania

Meet Pia Mia Perez. She’s cute as could be, got a voice to rival any pop star, and, get this, is really, actually from Guam. Seriously. She did double-duty for us and recorded an original video cover of Rihanna’s “Half Of Me,” then humored us by answering our questions on everything from how to beat

La Dolce Vita with Natalia Bonifacci

Italian beauty Natalia Bonifacci invited us over to her sun-drenched L.A. pad to play dress up (and down) in our Spring ’13 Collection. Between shots, we chatted with our multi-hyphenate muse about her new home base, how she got into modeling, what inspires her impeccable style and the countless other amazing projects she has up her

Christine Lai of UNIF

She’s the rainbow-clad grunge fairy behind the ever inspiring sub-culture fashion blog Christeric, and the brilliant mastermind designer behind the iconoclast fashion label UNIF. Maybe you’ve been reading her blog since the days she first handmade these Charles Anastase-inspired early Hellbound prototypes and you’re already as obsessed with her as we are. Today, Christine takes us on an all-access

Addicted to Love

We asked some of the cutest couples we know across the globe to share their stories about their most romantic moments. Here, they kiss and tell… Michelle Laine x Yves Berlin Every day we spend together is romantic, but the most romantic thing we ever did may have been right at the beginning of our relationship. We

Kava Gorna

(photo by Brandon Harman) Sensuality can get real creepy real quick, but photographer Kava Gorna knows how to keep it beautiful, finding just the right bit of bizarre for balance. She’s previously worked for Vogue, i-D, Nylon, Rolling Stone and a bunch of others you’ve definitely heard about… and when she shot this fierce series for us with El Grace, she said

Shining Star Abigail Bean

Gushing genuine sweetness, confidence and passion, filmmaker Abigail Bean is the girl you want to hop in the car with and leap into any adventure. She’s driven by fantasy, inspiring cinematic daydreams… We get the feeling we’d end up on the edge of town with her, looking down on all the lights, chewing gum and

Behind Kat Borchart’s Lens

Our latest lookbook goes for Baroque with all kinds of shiny, decorative, romantic, spangly things and we have the legendary Cha Cha Lounge and photographer Kat Borchart to thank for it. She’s an LA-born and based photographer who lives in a bunker-style studio in Los Feliz with her black cat Cash. Here, she tells us about her life behind