Cassandra Kellogg of Minimale Animale

cassandra kellogg of minimale animale

She rides Harleys, is a self-professed tattoo freak and doesn’t make a swimsuit you can’t surf in. We’re talking about the badass Venice Beach babe behind Minimale Animale, Cassandra Kellogg, whose vintage-inspired designs have been heating up waters from coast to coast (not to mention our latest lookbook). Inspired by iconic 80s and 90s swimwear, her curve-hugging suits are both athletic and sexy, minimal and extreme. Here, she sheds some light on the genesis of the brand, her design process, and who she’d love to suit up.

Last Night A DJ Saved Our Life – Catching Up with Chelsea Leyland


A couple years ago, New York-based English DJ Chelsea Leyland quickly rose the ranks from total neophyte to totally in demand spinstress. Her signature mix of party-provoking tunes—and eye-catching personal style—are renowned for coaxing the notoriously fickle fashion pack out from behind their too-chic fortress and onto the dance floor. Because we could use some extra heavy bass drops in our lives, we made a point of spending the day with Lady Leyland last week in New York. She was kind of enough to tailor make a special playlist just for us—and fill us in on what to wear to our next party.

Photos by Michael Flores

Playing Games with Akiko Matsuura


The term “girl crush” is just a little too twee for our liking, but if we were to throw the term around, out first stop would have to be Comenachi vocalist Akiko Matsuura. We caught up with her in the latest issue of SUPER NASTY, where she spilled her guts on all the best and brightest spots in London. Below, we pull some classic rock-and-hard-place moves on Keex, who tolerated us and our questionnaire gracefully. Love this girl!

Mia Mania


Meet Pia Mia Perez. She’s cute as could be, got a voice to rival any pop star, and, get this, is really, actually from Guam. Seriously. She did double-duty for us and recorded an original video cover of Rihanna’s “Half Of Me,” then humored us by answering our questions on everything from how to beat the heat this festival season to what quote keeps her motivated so very far from home. 

Christine Lai of UNIF


She’s the rainbow-clad grunge fairy behind the ever inspiring sub-culture fashion blog Christeric, and the brilliant mastermind designer behind the iconoclast fashion label UNIF. Maybe you’ve been reading her blog since the days she first handmade these Charles Anastase-inspired early Hellbound prototypes and you’re already as obsessed with her as we are. Today, Christine takes us on an all-access tour of the UNIF headquarters, giving us a glimpse into the method behind their madness. Hint: There’s a lot of handsome furry critters involved…