Leah Adicoff

Meet Leah, one of the very first Nasty Gal models. Long since the days of playing dress up in our latest vintage finds and frolicking through the streets of SF, we’ve both headed south to the City of Angels for sunshine and new adventures. Today, she works as a fashion stylist, while her boyfriend Myles is a musician and resident DJ at the coolest club in LA, Smoke & Mirrors. We caught up with this dream team to get the scoop on how they met and where they like to hang out in the city and beyond.

Meet Laine!

We were lucky enough to meet our latest vintage muse through her BFF and fellow Nasty Gal, Bonnie. She may look like a sweet California girl, but she’s also totally fearless with a knack for playing weird instruments and dressing however she feels – no matter what others may think. Get the lowdown on Laine’s favorite beauty products, bank robber dreams and everything in between.

Ashley Glorioso + Zoey Grossman

The first time Ashley and Zoey met on the set of a photo shoot, they instantly knew they were destined to be BFFs. Since Ashley also happens to be a super-star stylist and Zoey one of LA’s coolest photographers, they started collaborating on projects for their designer friends as much as possible. The result has been pure magic – whether they’re grooving on hippie vibes, having a glitter-fueled ’70s disco party, or whatever else the job calls for, they always take it to the next level.

Since we love nothing more than awesome girls joining forces, we chatted with Ashley about working and playing with her partner-in-crime.

Meet Bonnie

A Santa Barbara-born beach babe with a sweet yet mischievous smile, Bonnie is just as much fun to run around town with as she is to dress up in our crazy new vintage finds. Since we had an absolute blast hanging out with her down in the studio, we had to find out what inspires her most and the stuff she can’t live without.

Imogene Barron

Imogene Barron is one of the coolest girls we know. She’s a badass stylist who’s worked for Oyster, Dazed & Confused Australia, and recently, started her own cult journal Love Want. Imogene has a really unique and lo-fi aesthetic that defines her style and sets her apart from all the other gals in the industry. The Aussie darling spends her time between Sydney and Los Angeles, capturing what goes on behind-the-scenes on her visual diary, Some Kind Of Life. Imogene stopped by Nasty Gal the other day to talk about exciting future projects, and while she was at it, picked her favorite styling pieces from the shop.

Ioanna Gika of IO Echo

IO Echo is a genre-defying LA band that combine electronic pop and dark new wave with Japanese koto harps and Chinese violins. They’re all about romance and doom, euphoria and melancholia, and pastel kimonos with biker boots.

With a killer sense of fashion and a fearless attitude, singer Ioanna Gika has Nasty Gal written all over her. We had the chance to steal Ioanna from the studio to tell us about her upcoming album, the score IO Echo wrote for the James Franco/Harmony Korine film project, “Rebel,” and her original song for the upcoming film, Snow White and the Huntsman.

Olivia Lopez of Lust for Life

Olivia Lopez wears a lot of hats for someone who still manages to have such amazing hair. Not only does she have one of our favorite style blogs, she’s also an International Business student, runs an online vintage shop, and does freelance styling, buying and modeling in her “spare” time.

So obviously, we were stoked to catch up with her to get the skinny on everything from her biggest influences to the wild world of blogging.

Nida Is Back

It doesn’t get much more OG than our vintage model, Nida. She’s been a Nasty Gal since the eBay days, and is still one of our favorite models to shoot…and hit the dance floor with. Since we all know how awesome she is, we decided it was time to get the inside scoop on a true Nasty Gal 🙂