What To Do When the Weather Sucks

1. Eat Breakfast (and Lunch) in Bed 2. Bring the Games Inside 3. Catch Up On Your To-Do List 4. Watch Reruns 5. Have a Tea Party 6. Clean Out Your Closet 7. Re-read Your Favorite Book 8. Practice Your Party Tricks 9. Create a Makeshift Hot Tub 10. Stay Warm, My Friends


1. Outfit Changes 2. Pre-Partyin’ 3. Girls Rule and Boys Drool 4. Arriving in Style 5. The World is Your Dance Floor 6. Memory Makin’ 7. Being the Babe of the Ball 8. Creating Your Own Soundtrack 9. Tomorrow, Relax. Tonight, Dance. 10. Midnight Snacks

Tupac’s Style Lives On

For any of you that don’t know, today is the anniversary of Tupac’s death. Seventeen years ago today, not only did the rap community lose a serious influencer, but a true visionary style wise. Of course, when you wear a beanie or overalls today you probably aren’t trying to channel Tupac (if you are, you

French Beauties

1. Charlotte Gainsbourg In honor of Bastille Day, the French National Day that’s celebrated on July 14th, we decided to pay homage to a few French style icons and classic beauties. These are women who threw fits, smoked cigarettes, had passionate affairs, stirred up controversy and absolutely defined fashion. Le sigh.

Things We Love Today

1. The Good Ol’ Days 2. Looking A Little Plastic   3. Meryl Madness 4. Babes Who Bike 5. Oil Spills 6. Wading in Wonderland 7. Adding A Little Bounce 8. Being Cozy at the Beach 9. All-American Hotties 10. Serious Reflections