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Thursday, July 9, 2009 Nasty Gal of the Month: Trasienne Estrada




Meet Trasienne. Not only is she one of our sweetest customers, she’s also a gorgeous girl with spot-on style. We hunted her down with a few questions to find out more about her style and what makes her a Nasty Gal.

PS: The pieces she wears in the images above are all from her huge vintage collection via…us!

Name: Trasienne Estrada
Age: 23
Occupation: real estate developer & part time zombie slayer

1. What is your favorite thing in the store right now that you haven’t purchased yet.

YET. The Bleach And Destroy Jeans! The rips, bleach spots and shredding are so rock n roll…I have to admit that I am a 90s grunge baby through and through. I’ve always wanted a pair of ripped jeans but I can’t figure out what size I would be for the life of me.

2. Why do YOU think the name Nasty Gal originates?

Miss 70′s one-woman funkadelic star Betty Davis, why ya gots tah be great? and no, i didn’t google that :P

3. Favorite trend of the moment? Trend you hate?

I was never really an 80s fan. But after seeing the cutout dresses and strong shouldered blazers, I started asking myself why i never was. The bandage dress i got from nasty gal last month is probably going to be credited as a springboard of sorts if i do undergo an 80s phase. It’s really a love/hate relationship with this era.

4. How do you think the fashion scene is different in the Philippines vs. the US?

The Philippines is a tropical country, it’s always summer here :P We don’t enjoy the luxury of buying winter clothes like that amaaaazing pink mongolian coat showcased last december in your store :)

5. Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

In malls, I go for the european brands like topshop, zara and accessorize but nothing beats the flea markets we have here for cheap scores on the batiks and tie-dye prints.

6. How would you describe your style?

I’m all about exploring the spectrum of nude hues and miss prima ballerina.

Thanks, Trasienne!



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