Cher Madness

(Shot by Ellen Von Unwerth for Vogue Dec. 1990 vis TFS) Not quite sure why they didn’t just shoot Cher for this editorial (no offense Linda), but it’s pretty rad nonetheless. xx

Winter Kate

(Shot by Juergen Teller for self service #33 via Fashionising) Apologies for the Kate overload, but we just couldn’t help ourselves once we came across this shoot. Doesn’t it look like it was pulled from her Calvin Klein days? Amaze. xo

Halloween Inspiration #5: Scream Queens

With 4 days to go before Halloween, if you don’t have a costume together at this point, you’re probably starting to panic. Luckily, you can always channel that nervous energy to be a slasher flick victim for Halloween! Just toss on 80s babysitter attire or a hospital gown, make some fake gashes on your arm,

Halloween Inspiration #3: The Craft

Feeling witchy? Round up your BFFs along with plaid skirts, combat boots, heavy eyeliner and spiked collars and go as our favorite gothic schoolgirls from The Craft. We highly recommend watching the movie first to get into character…and well, because it’s still pretty awesome.

Halloween Inspiration #2: Cher Horowitz

Whether you opt for a skin-tight “dress” that your dad wouldn’t approve of or 90s-inspired schoolgirl plaid, you’re sure to make all your friends a little envious they didn’t think of it sooner (ourselves included). Bonus points for bubblegum, shopping bags and/or a feather pen. Okay, especially for a feather pen. xx