Lydia Deetz

Even into the dead heat of summer, we never stop looking to the eternally weird and wonderful stylings of Beetlejuice’s goth princess Lydia Deetz for sartorial inspiration. Seriously, must…find…that…hat. And here’s what we’ll be wearing along with it: (Clockwise from top left: X-Ray Thigh High Socks, Rough and Tumble Knit, Leeds Riding Boot, MinkPink Rapunzel

Turns Out Clarissa Knew What She Was Talking About…

(I see a DIY denim shirt project in my near future) (Clarissa’s badass biker chick look…wait, how old was she?) (No words.) (Love the Keith Haring tee & giant watch!) (Looks like we share some common interests…) Like every self-respecting tween fashion freak in the ’90s, Clarissa was totally my childhood idol. But I mean,

Can’t Stop Thinking About…The Peach Pit

Okay, so we just came across this Beverly Hills 90210 promo shoot while reminiscing on the glorious days of 90s TV fashion, and think it’s safe to say that their outfits look almost as current (and even inspiring!) as they did 20 years ago…and no, that’s not a typo. While we found the photos of