Lip Service

Last year we were all about chalking our hair—and now we’re this close to playing hopscotch on our lips. And while, yes, that super-opaque candy grin may seem best attempted with a package of Cray Pas, we’re opting instead for the clotted cream-thick, marshmallow-hued lipsticks from Lime Crime.  Now, we may seem like an unlikely

She’s A Rainbow

You don’t have to be Ziggy Stardust to get away with wearing a rainbow on your face. To prove it, our makeup guru Stacey Nishimoto is giving us the scoop on how to get the perfect sugar-coated lids. And yes, you can actually do this! To make it a reality, it needs to happen on fresh,

Just Brows-ing

Believe it or not, eyebrows are as trendy as that latest it-bag that you’re slinging around. They’re the one feature on the face that dramatically changes from one season to the next. And right now, a strong, sexy brow is a must, so quit waxing up a storm and embrace your inner Frida because crazy brows

Blue-Eyed Baby

Bright blue is just as neutral as brown or gray, so bag it and show your electric youth. Don’t be afraid…of the attention you’re gonna get! First, line eyes with a classic navy blue. The best liquid sapphire is Givenchy Parad’Eyes in Blue Lagoon. The deep navy line is the frame for super duper blue,

24 Carat Babe

You’re a golden goddess so you might as well make that clear—by wearing the look on your face! We asked our makeup ace Stacey Nishimoto for all the shiny details… The golden tools: –   Liquid gold eyeliner: Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner in Diamond Gold –   Gold pencil: Sumita Beauty Brow Glow

Better Off Red

Our make-up maven Stacey Nishimoto dishes on one of her favorite party looks: the classic red lip. Read on for her tips! Red is so red-hot right now, a special lip color for special nights. Everyone—and I do mean everyone—can wear it. The perfect red can be a magic wand to your complexion, illuminating while

Two-Toned Lip

We popped down into the studio to see what our makeup maven Stacey Nishimoto was into right now, and she presented her latest genius: the two-toned lip! We asked her pretty please for a tutorial on this show-stopping effect, and she said the first step is choosing two colors that compliment each other in hue and

Light Bright

It’s no secret that color’s one of our BFFs, but all-over turquoise on an outfit is a whole other set of rules from all-over turquoise on the eye. How to get the bright right? We asked makeup artist Ashleigh Lauer for a how-to on two fresh looks. For a wicked cat eye that makes no

We Own The Night

Who says the weekend ever has to end? When you’re planning to stay out all night, you’ll need a look that can keep up with you. Makeup artist Stacey Nishimoto gave us a step-by-step on dewy skin, smoldering eyes and fresh-from-the-shower hair in the new issue of SUPER NASTY. We loved it so much we

Violet Femme

Stacey’s secret eye tip #73: “Believe it or not, violet is a great neutral for the eye. A touch of the striking hue will do WONDERS for your everyday look, as it instantly brightens and enhances any eye color.  My go-to duo is Marie-Galante from Nars. Just a sweep of this iridescent orchid and midnight blue

Our Go-To Styling Secrets

One of the major perks of working at Nasty Gal is being constantly inspired by everyone’s style. So now that we’ve all mastered the sloppy tuck and established a worn-in tee with leopard skinnies as our unofficial uniform, we decided it was time to share some of our favorite styling tips.

Our Ultimate Beauty Secrets

Since every girl has at least one can’t-live-without beauty product stashed in her makeup bag, we asked our fellow Nasty Gals to share their favorite tips on how to look cute every single morning…even after staying out too late. These secrets are for your eyes only.