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Monday, April 8, 2013 Lessons From The Pros: Space Age Desert Eyes

If there’s one thing we love here at Nasty Gal, it’s an excuse to cover our face in glitter. A trip to the grocery store? Sure. An oil change? Totally. A day at in the sun at a summer festival? Well, this one’s a no-brainer.

So, to kick off our season in the sonic fields, we’ve concocted one hell of an eye look. We’re not talking glitter eyeliner or some shadow with sheen, but honest to dog glitter glued to your eyelids. Don’t be shy—we certainly never are!

Our out-of-this-world video directors at Knockout Pictures broke it all down into easy-peasy steps, but our in-house makeup master Stacey Nishimoto’s got more than a little advice on how to really master this look. Below, the exclusive unabridged version, straight from the source!

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Thursday, April 4, 2013 Lessons From The Pros: Knotty By Nature – A Festival Braid Guide

130327 lessons braid23019 130327 lessons braid23031

When we were kids, our copy of Braids and Bows ended up in the garbage—a combination of our hatred of ribbons and our boiling frustration over our utter lack of ability. These days, we’re willing to give these pretty little plaits another try. Not only have braids evolved into a cool, intergalactic art form since our embarrassing class photo days, but they also serve a real and breezy function come festival season.

To get us ready for that extreme desert heat—and stand out in a sea of coif crowns—we turned to our nearest braid babe, Alison Brislin, who cooked up this sorta sleek, sorta spacey look special for us.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013 Lessons From The Pros: Lip Service


Last year we were all about chalking our hair—and now we’re this close to playing hopscotch on our lips. And while, yes, that super-opaque candy grin may seem best attempted with a package of Cray Pas, we’re opting instead for the clotted cream-thick, marshmallow-hued lipsticks from Lime Crime.  Now, we may seem like an unlikely source for this kind of advice, but to really pull off this look, the key is measured self-restraint and balance (Right?! We feel sort of grown up right now.) Go for dewy, natural skin and a neutral, light bronze eye to really let your lips pop. Then go get yourself an ice cream cone or something—this is the official look of summer.

Lipsticks: Lime Crime Opaque in Great Pink Planet, D’Lilac, Cosmopop.

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Friday, February 15, 2013 Lessons From The Pros: She’s A Rainbow

IMG_4456 IMG_4446

You don’t have to be Ziggy Stardust to get away with wearing a rainbow on your face. To prove it, our makeup guru Stacey Nishimoto is giving us the scoop on how to get the perfect sugar-coated lids. And yes, you can actually do this!

To make it a reality, it needs to happen on fresh, dewy, SHIMMERING skin. Apply foundation over semi-damp skin and finish with a veil of loose powder. Then highlight cheekbones, temples and the bridge of nose with a pearly shimmer. Glowing skin balances the look of wearing a prism of colors. Also, mixing metallic eye pigments with matte shadows adds texture and elegance to your bone structure.

Now that you have a fresh face, brush metallic gold shadow all over the lid. Don’t worry about getting the blending perfect, think of it as a water painting…colors bleed into each other.

Next, apply turquoise shadow to the inner corner of your eye with a hint lime green on the outer inner corner to frame the turquoise.

IMG_4532 IMG_4616

Now it’s time for a splash of orange above the gold lid. Blend the shadows into your brow to make your sherbet hues melt onto the forehead.

Apply lavender to your temples with purple below on the tail end of brow bone. Next, use a metallic green-blue (I used a pencil here) a draw a sideways V to frame your eye.

Last, but not least, sweep yellow(!) blush on cheekbones with a pop of pink blended underneath.

IMG_4641 IMG_4634

Have so much fun experimenting – the color combinations are endless! Just use circular motions with brushes and blend, blend, blend away..even your mistakes!

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Thursday, January 10, 2013 Lessons From The Pros: Just Brows-ing

130109 Lessons brows 72336 130109 Lessons brows 72338

Believe it or not, eyebrows are as trendy as that latest it-bag that you’re slinging around. They’re the one feature on the face that dramatically changes from one season to the next. And right now, a strong, sexy brow is a must, so quit waxing up a storm and embrace your inner Frida because crazy brows are sexy as hell. Even if you were born with dainty little brows, or you killed them in junior high, there are ways to make them fuller and deeper.
Personally, I absolutely love fair-haired girls with dark, contrasting brows–ugggh, gorgeous!–but that’s a personal call. And dark-haired gals with brows to match is a look that slays left and right. If you’re going to do the dark, full brow look, match the roots of your hair to your brows–and that goes for blondes with deeper roots too! You cannot go wrong.Here are four VERY simple ways to sex up the brow, and they are easy steps! So no excuse for intimidation!

130109 Lessons brows 72275 130109 Lessons brows 72298

1. Spike up brows with a spiral brush to see where you need to feel in with soft color. Also, by brushing hairs straight up you’ll be able to see your unique brow shape, and how and where you need to elongate or over-exaggerate  a touch. I like to do this first step with a spiral shape brush because it grabs every fine hair for severe spiking. You can use those disposable  mascara wands or purchase one that’ll last a while–my favorite is Tweezerman Spiral Brush in a retractable case.
2. Once brow hairs are spiked, go in with a neutral color such as taupe, or a sheer, deep color and start filling in any little blank spots in upward, short, hair-like strokes. Use a brow powder or pencil. I like both, a powder is softer but a pencil has a little wax in it so the look stays on longer. My favorite is Sumita Brow Pencil. This pencil corrects and fills in spareness with its unique oval tip, and the  subtle strokes of color will not budge. Start along the brow line and then gently shape your arch and extend outward, elongating your brow just a tad. Long brows are very elegant, thick or thin.

130109 Lessons brows 72316 130109 Lessons brows 72328

3. Use a brow brush and brush through the filled in brow a few times. This breaks the product down, blending it into the hairs and skin. If you skip this process, your brows will look like they have been tattooed on your face. Not really what you’re going for! Sumita has a rad Multi-Task Brush that has a bristle, comb and precise brush tip for powder. A totally good investment.
4. Lastly set those babies for the entire day or night with a product that currently excites me like no other: brow wax. Brow Set from Sumita grooms and keeps brows in their place for hours. It also helps shape. I sometimes use the wax pencil alone, on bare brows, when I’m on the run. This wax spikes, smooth, shapes and sets without interrupting color. Think of it as the perfect pomade that never flakes or leaves residue.

130109 Lessons brows 72317 130109 Lessons brows 72345

Yay full brows! I dare you to wear the fullest brow you can with nothing else but a bold lip. GULP! Dangerous.

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