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Tuesday, July 23, 2013 Role Model: Bloodsucker Jodie Smith

beauty is boring


Jodie Smith was the star of our Loud and Clear lookbook, and now we’re seeing her loud and clear on our TV screens on True Blood, where she’s one part model and one part kickass vamp star. We caught up with Jodie to get the deets on beauty secrets, dating vampires in real life, and how nudity can help clear social stigmas.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013 Role Model: Betsey Johnson 4EVER


 From her ‘90s grunge floral dresses to her signature cartwheels during her runway shows, Betsey Johnson has been here in a big way since the late 1960s, when she was a part of both the Youthquake movement and Andy Warhol’s too-cool underground scene. Even though she’s now in her 70s, she’s still rocking platforms, choppy bangs and energy to spare. Long live Betsey Johnson!

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Friday, June 28, 2013 Role Model: Reductress



 When we first started reading Reductress, we LOL’d, then we became totally entranced by their satirical over-the-top takedown of fashion, entertainment, and all things ‘women’s interest.’ We caught up with Reductress editors (and comedians) Sarah Pappalardo and Beth Newell to talk about serious journalism, feminist onions, and why integrity is basically stupid.—Chris Rellas

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Friday, June 21, 2013 Role Model: Punk Heroines


We’ve got punk on the brain this week, so we thought it was time to revisit and pay homage to some of our favorite women in punk (such as Blondie front woman miss Debbie Harry, above, who’s still hot-as-hell at 67) and some who, even though they may not have been at the heart of the movement, still embody the punk ethos.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013 Role Model: Miley Cyrus

A skull made of french fries, smoke emanating from the crotch region, candles lit via burning marshmallows, some guy eating money, some other guy rubbing bread on his face, an unhealthy number of EOS ChapStick eggs, Pepto-Bismol blood, various taxidermied animals, a piñata filled with hot dogs (those were hot dogs, right?), and a make out session with an oversized Barbie doll. Am I the only person who wasn’t at all shocked by Miley’s new music video? Ever since she started that talk about the “best of both worlds,” I knew Miley had something up her sleeve. “We Can’t Stop” is a perfect testament to the turn Miley has made for the better. She’s tatted, veiled, and wears the shit out of a black beanie. If you didn’t catch the music video, or you just want to see some of the highlights in slow-mo, check out these gifs. Caution: you may end up with a bleach blonde pompadour at the end of this.—Chris

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