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Got something to say?  Start the conversation!  We love seeing what inspires you, so feel free to leave comments, post on our wall, and share with friends!  Our communities cross many platforms – FacebookInstagramTwitterTumblrPinterest and the blog – and we love engaging with our fans around the world online.  In order for us to keep Nasty Gal awesome, we’ve put together these guidelines for commenting, posting, and sharing comments across the web on our platforms.

  • We welcome and encourage feedback from everyone, including sharing ideas, inspiration, and even constructive criticism.  However: no bullies are allowed!  Please treat others – and yourself! – with respect.  Profane, hateful, discriminatory, explicit or abusive comments will always be removed.
  • Nasty Gals come from around the world!  Everyone has the right to their own opinions, so please be considerate of different points of view.  Disparaging comments addressed to individuals are not allowed in our communities.  Positive comments to individuals and sharing of good vibes are definitely encouraged!
  • Please keep comments on topic and relevant to Nasty Gal.  Comments containing outside links, referencing a competitor’s site, promoting an agenda, advertising, or spam are not allowed in our communities.
  • Our blog is a place to drool over awesome vintage inspiration, check out our latest lookbooks, see what’s behind the scenes, and talk with like-minded Nasty Gals.  All comments are reviewed for approval in order to prevent spam and ensure they are non-discriminatory and appropriate for the public.  If it’s your first time commenting, please allow some time for it to appear online!
  • If you see a remark that you feel should be removed, please email us at with details.

Not sure about something?  Ask us!  Our Social Media Team works on Pacific Standard Time and may not be available on evenings or weekends.  For urgent matters, please contact Customer Care.  All Nasty Gal content and comments are copyrighted and are the sole property of Nasty Gal.  We retain the right to remove any content for any reason at the discretion of our team.

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