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Wednesday, April 25, 2012 California Dreaming: The Story Of A Patch Of Skye

Aussie darling Skye McRae’s favorite color is rainbow. She lives by the ocean in Tamarama, Sydney, considers California her second home and loves Sunday afternoons. Skye is the voice behind the blog, A Patch Of Skye - a platform for creative escapism and, more importantly, a space where she can drift into a mystical world where she matches beautiful images with poetic poses. Her blog is a visual diary that encapsulates Skye’s inspirations: “Poetry and people’s secret thoughts are what inspire me most. Those ideas combined with soft, whimsical imagery that talks to the viewer through the emotions that they bring”.

Her creative process feels like a séance where she browses through tons of images on the hunt for that special photograph that makes her heart beat faster: “After looking at it for a while, I come up with a phrase that somehow directly links what the image says to me on a personal level and where my mind is at, at that point. When the time comes to add another image and another pose, I look at the colors of the last post, and merge the tones together, so that when put together as one, all of my images tell one story, which ultimately is the story of A Patch Of Skye”.

We leave you with one of Skye’s visual tales.

I Must Get Back To The Sea


Dreams Like Ours Should Be Written In Gold


Removable Pieces


The Getting Of Wisdom


Colour My Life With The Chaos Of Trouble


Mischief Knows Only Her


Your Sunshine Is Filled With Tears


Brazen Faces


A Place In The Sun


Sleep Walking


Your Sweetheart Ways Will Kill You In The End


Little Joy


Soft Silence


Shadows Drenched In Sorrow


Remembering A Time Like No Other


Le Soleil


Sunday People


California Dreaming


I Can’t Touch The Sun




A Stranger’s Paradise


I Wanna Kiss The Sunshine


Why Legends Begin


The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter


Love Invents Us


Palm Springs Forgivings


(A Patch Of Skye, Akila Berjaoui, Jason Lee Parry, Purienne, Anp Quarterly, Doug Aitken, Derek Henderson, Nolan Hall)

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  1. carla bast

    loved this diary ….;-)

    April 25, 2012 at 2:19 pm