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Wednesday, May 15, 2013 Studio Soundtracks: Random Access Memories

Climb aboard Daft Punk’s sonic starship as the futuristic duo unveil a mix of throwback grooves and trippy dance tracks with their latest album Random Access Memories.  It almost serves as a f*ck you to the overindulged electronic sounds on blast at clubs by revisiting the beginnings of disco, paying homage to legend Giorgio Morodor (the mastermind writer/producer behind Donna Summer, Bowie and Debbie Harry classics to name a few). Throw in one particularly addictive ’70s-influenced beat from Pharrell, appropriately titled Get Lucky, into the mix for a time-traveling journey that spans from early funk and disco to dance tracks infused with rock, pop and house. Though the album officially drops 5/21, you can stream it on iTunes now, so get ready to break out the glitter platforms and we’ll meet you on the dance floor…

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